Leviia: the French cloud that offers a real work area

You are definitely familiar with cloud storage like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox. Did you know that there is a 100% French drive that allows you to store and sync your data in a space accessible from your computer or smartphone? It’s Leviia, the French cloud that has nothing to envy the others!

A cloud is an online space that offers IT services such as storage or office suite software. Among the best known are Dropbox and the GAFAM giants Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and iCloud. In addition to storing data online, the cloud makes it possible to access this data from different devices, and also to work on it and share it: a real work tool! And among the online storage offers, for a few years has been Leviia, a French company that offers its own storage service that is both secure and efficient.

French storage, efficient and environmentally friendly

Leviia is a 100% French online storage company, created by Arnaud and William Méauzoone during the Covid health crisis, at the age of 27 and 30. Faced with a cloud market dominated by American giants, Leviia offers equally interesting features, even making a further argument : an environmentally responsible approach. In fact, online storage represents a source of contamination due to the power supply to the physical servers on which the data is stored. To address this issue, Leviia is committed to offsetting its carbon emissions by 200% by donating a portion of its revenue to associations such as ReforestAction, which fights for replanting and environmental protection.

With Leviia, your data is stored in France, in three data centers located in three different cities in France: Gravelines, Roubaix and Strasbourg. In addition to being stored in triplicate, your data is backed up every night. Security also involves protecting servers. At Leviia, there are several advanced technologies that ensure the security of your data. Military encryption allows your data to be encrypted as soon as it is sent to the server and your data is partitioned, ie. you are actually the only person who has access to your data on the server. An anti-DDOS system is in place to prevent attacks directed at a large amount of data. Finally, ransomware protection strengthens security by acting as an antivirus. At Leviia, the security of your data is a priority!

In addition to being ultra-secure, Leviia’s servers also show a particularly interesting transfer speed, up to 1 GB per second. This equates to transferring a movie in HD in 5.5 seconds, or even 30 images in 4K in just 2 seconds!

Finally, a French cloud is also the guarantee of available customer service, in its own language. If you encounter a problem or a problem, Leviia customer service is there to help you in English.

Leviia: Incredibly fast servers

A tool to take everywhere

Leviia is a real workplace that will accompany you on a daily basis. In fact, Leviia integrates a complete open source OnlyOffice office suite that is compatible with the Microsoft Office suite. In other words, you will find an office suite in your online area that allows you to create or modify text documents, spreadsheets and slide show presentations that you would do on an office suite installed on your computer. Leviia is compatible with Windows, Mac, GNU / Linux, Android and iOS: you can therefore access your data and work from your computer, and also from your tablet or smartphone thanks to the dedicated application.

Leviia: Integrated office tools

Leviia: Integrated office tools

Leviia mobile users will be able to sync photos and documents on their device: ideal for storing their memories or important documents. If you do not have a scanner at hand, you can scan your documents with your smartphone. The captured image can be changed by setting a white background and contrasting the text so that it stands out as on a real scanner. The created document will be exported in PDF. The scanner feature is already integrated in the Leviia app for iOS.

Leviia, a common area of ​​work

If the Leviia online site allows users to consult and modify their documents, it also allows them to share using 1-click sharing while maintaining control over distribution. To share a document or folder, simply click the share button (three dots connected to the right of the document or folder name). You can then select your streaming options.
1-click sharing lets you share a document or an entire folder with the people you choose and control access permissions. Depending on what you have chosen, your recipients will be able to view and download the documents (“Read-Only”), or simply view them, without the option to download them (“Hide Download”). It is also possible to change the contents of a folder by adding or deleting documents (“Allow addition and modification”), or to import a document into your folder without seeing the rest of the contents (“File drop”).

To organize the distribution of your content, you can choose to name the link to your document or folder (“Share label”), protect your link with a password (“Protect with a password”) or leave a note for your addressee (“Note to addressee”). You can also choose when you want your link to end: “Set an expiration date” allows you to remove the link after a set time, and “Unshare” will remove the link immediately.

Thanks to sharing documents and folders, for example, you can create a folder to share your holiday photos with the friends you traveled with. To do this, there is no need to share your Leviia credentials with your friends: you can send them access via email and they will be able to see the shared folder without accessing your other folders. Depending on the permissions you grant, your friends will be able to view the contents of the folder and even add or delete content from it. They can therefore import their images into the folder, and for example delete duplicates. The changes are displayed to everyone with the link to access the folder. Document sharing also allows multiple people to work on the same document in collaboration: if you share a link to a document with change permission, your friends will also be able to write to the document thanks to the integrated office suite, and the changes will be displayed on your unit.

Easily share your documents with Leviia

Easily share your documents with Leviia

Offers for all needs

Leviia’s offerings are varied, to suit the needs of all users. The personal offers are aimed at individuals and offer 100 GB for 10 TB of storage space, starting at € 1.80 excluding tax per person. month or € 21.60 excluding tax per. years depending on the selected payment period. For users who need more than 10 TB of storage, Expert Offers can store up to 1000 TB of data. And if you work in a team, or need storage space for the whole family, Leviia offers a brand new offer for 5 users and up to 2 TB of storage space on the same account.

Leviia: favorable prices

Leviia: favorable prices

For NAS owners, who would therefore need a large amount of storage space, know that Leviia is compatible with all NAS on the market, whether it is a Synology, Western Digital or QNAP NAS.
The Perso and Expert offers are monthly or annual subscriptions and are non-binding, so you can cancel them at any time.

For specific needs that are not included in the offers that Leviia offers, you can contact customer service to request a tailored Pro offer, in white label, with the option to manage user accounts.

Transfer your data to Leviia

For users whose data is already in another cloud space, it is possible to easily repatriate them to Leviia without having to download them to your computer. Leviia is actually compatible with other drives, and a simple manipulation is enough to migrate your data to your new Leviia space.

With its varied offerings and its complete online space, Leviia is a real daily work tool that you can take anywhere!

Article written in collaboration with Leviia

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