John Textor wants to convince and unite

A shareholder in three different clubs, John Textor will add a fourth element to his arsenal with the Olympics. In addition to its goal of promoting its teams, the American investor, a skilled communicator, wants above all to bring together every party, and in particular the supporters.

When he mentioned the “galaxy” of clubs where he is a shareholder at his press conference at the Olympics (Botafogo, Crystal Palace and RWD Molenbeek), John Textor was pretty clear. The goal, in contrast to e.g. City Football Group, is not to give absolute priority to a team with the others to serve as support, but rather that each formation plays the leading roles in their respective competition.

It must thus e.g. the best footballers from Molenbeek are not expected to regularly join Olympique Lyonnais, as may be the case with the Red Bull sector (including Salzburg and Leipzig). “I am not sure that forced synergy is necessary. At the fan level, it’s really entertainment that you should try to create. It’s fun to see people in Botafogo shirts at Crystal Palace. Do not expect these clubs to trade with each other at the player level, he confided. In Brazil, boys can definitely explode and then go to Europe. In addition, there is currently more collaboration with Brazil to feed the Brazilian championship.

Good results so far in Botafogo and Molenbeek

Exactly a small detour to South America in this story about the work of the American investor in the world of football. In January 2022, Textor will repurchase 90% of the Botafogo shares through the Eagle Holdings Fund. In its first season in charge of the Brazilian outfit, the promotions are currently ranked 7th in Serie A. “His work here so far has been excellent, judging Matheus Medeirosjournalist follows the news of the Rio club. It is the first year of management and he has already implemented several changes in the administrative part and the club made its biggest transfer window in history. It came with a lot of investment and with promises of more investment over the next few years.

During the same period, John Textor also became an 80% majority shareholder in the RWD Molenbeek team (Belgian D2). Like what he did at the Olympics, the businessman left the president in place Thierry Daily. In 2021-2022, his training narrowly failed in the battle for promotion with a defeat against Seraing in the playoffs (0-1, 0-0) after finishing the championship as number 2. “In the clubs, he generally leaves behind the shareholders and administrators who are there on a daily basis and who were already present before his arrival. In Molenbeek, it is no different, the president continues to control and make decisions for his teamtells the agent Emmanuel of Kerchove, who on several occasions rubbed shoulders with the American. He lives this sport as a passion, so it’s not just the business or financial side that comes into play. I think it has a pleasant side to his partners.

Prior to that, he became a 40% shareholder in Crystal Palace in August 2021. If he did not have a crazy progression at the end of this exercise (from the 14th they went to the 12th), the Eagles “Fun to watch”describe Matt Slater media Athletics. “So far it is good, but he has only been here for one season. The club was a bit in operation before he arrived. The team is aging, the manager was the former English coach Roy Hodgson, the oldest Premier League manager. The team played conservative and defensive football, he explains. She has become much younger and more energetic this season with Patrick Vieira. They look set to finish higher next year. They also reached the FA Cup semi-final and beat Man City away in the league.

Textor wants to rely on the education

One of the hobby horses from John Textor is training, just as the FC Florida Academy opened by him in 2008. In Brazil, Belgium, but also in England, he attaches great importance to what he remembered during his press conference on Tuesday. “He is a friendly and outgoing person, a real fan of football, training and academies in general. For him, young people have an important place”insists Emmanuel De Kerchove. An opinion supported by Matt Slater. “He is convinced that clubs need to develop their own talent, and he has embraced the idea that south London, where the Palace is located, is one of the most fertile breeding grounds for talent in Europe.”He reveals to us.

When asked by observers about him, it also emerges that the investor from across the Atlantic handles the many aspects of communication really well. Like any self-respecting communicator, he knows how to say what his interlocutor wants to hear. “Textor is an owner who likes to talk a lot, give interviews, he is very humble and accommodating, describe Matheus Medeiros. It’s common to see him live on YouTube with fans and journalists talking about Botafogo, the project and other topics. He is a communications and media professional, so he has this ability to express himself.

He is loved by fans

On Crystal Palace’s page, this is also marked by a fairly high sympathy rating among followers. “I think they like his childlike enthusiasm and friendliness. There is something quite refreshing about him. He is certainly much easier to approach and understand than other American shareholders who have never really communicated with the fans, appreciated Matt Slater. Textor cares about others and wants to win. Or at least he gives a very good impression of someone who cares and wants to win. But England fans are changeable and there will be those who will worry that he will be distracted by all the other clubs or fear Palace will become someone else’s ‘tough team’.

At the moment, it does not appear to be the project of the project John Textorwhich is also appreciated in Rio de Janeiro, where he received the keys to the city. “He is loved by the fans, everyone loves him. Botafogo was a club with many financial problems and it seemed that they could no longer change that scenario to get back to competing for the titles. Textor manages to give fans hope on better days“, Tell us Matheus Medeiros.

A vision of football that works in line with the Olympics

Specifically, the future shareholder of Olympique Lyonnais seems to want to bring all his teams together, through exchanges between managers, but also with the fans. “I think football is already a bit perverted by money. I’m not saying that politically. Unfortunately, we see that there are oligarchs who rule and who seek to protect their capitalist advantages, sorry Textor. Money is important, we have to use it, we can not change it, but what I love about football is that it is connected to society, to cities, to groups that are very present, because it is their team. As with Leicester for example (champion in England in 2016). I want us to return to those values. Here at Eagle Football, we try to build a collaborative family of clubs that work together and develop their football footprint.

A certain vision of football therefore, which is more similar to the Olympics in short. In fact, over the years, he has also made connections with several groups in the region, but also abroad. It now remains to be seen what impact this entry into the Textor “galaxy” will have on Olympique Lyonnais in the future. ‘I think it can work. This collaboration does not surprise me because Lyon is one of the best European clubs today in terms of training and post-training. In addition, he has all the tools that are stadium, basketball … which makes sense for Americans who are more multi-sport, notice Emmanuel De Kerchove. It is true Jean Michel Aulas managed alone for many years and he will have to learn to deal with someone, but it can be learned.

Now on the field

Although the drawn picture so far is quite positive, one must also remember it John Textor experienced failures in the world of football. Thus, he saw himself closing the doors of a few clubs like Newcastle, Watford, Brentford or even Benfica in 2021. The former promising young man in freestyle skateboarding also had failures in his business, as did many investors nonetheless. He will also be supported by two billionaires who are Jamie Salter and Bill Foley. Anyway, the, that the magazine Forbes baptized in 2016 to Hollywood Virtual Reality Guru will have to convince with results and it will not only pass with special effects.

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