“It went like a whirlwind”: a Canadian talks about his time at Les Vieilles Charrues in 2007 – Vieilles Charrues

What do foreigners remember from a visit to the Vieilles Charrues festival, whose typical atmosphere we are often envied? I asked the question to a friend, Quebec radio host Simon Fournier, who had visited us in 2007 and who we remembered had been impressed with the Carhaisien Festival.

Simon, who at the time was a music programmer for Astral Media’s radio network ,? wanted to return for this visit. “The road to the place was idyllic. It was hard to believe that we should land in a place that can accommodate tens of thousands of spectators!”, He says.

“Good mood”

It had rained a lot the day before our arrival and we knew the plain would probably be quite muddy. “But nothing that makes us return!” Says Simon, now assistant music director at Cogeco Media, for twelve Canadian radio stations. He remembers the “good-natured, peaceful and serene atmosphere.” “I have never attended the Woodstock Festival, but I believe that the same feelings could be translated there, even though we were on another continent almost 40 years later “, he launches.

From the start, the Canadian took a break when he spotted a Quebec group, the Galaxy, on one of the stages. “An energetic and inspired performance,” he recalls. After their show, I approached the stage and shouted at them, “We are from Quebec”! One of the group members (Olivier Langevin, I think) raised his beer to greet me. The tone was set. »

“Magic Prelude”

“The rest of the afternoon went like a whirlwind,” Simon continues. We sailed from stage to stage to see as many concerts as possible, with a few local beers along the way. I remember the broken voice of the late Jacques Higelin in the late afternoon. All of this was a prelude that promised to be magical with Peter Gabriel, whose voice, still just as crystalline and powerful, transported me from the beginning to the end of his performance. I loved ! »

Another highlight was the breathtaking show by the Canadian band Arcade Fire, which came to promote their second album “Neon Bible”. “It’s still one of the best concerts I’ve seen,” says Simon. I had the immense privilege of attending the group’s burglary concerts in February of that year in anticipation of this tour. Everything took place in the Ukrainian Federation in the Mile-End district of Montreal. The current context makes it all even more surreal. The formation had given a memorable concert! »

During the Canadian band Arcade Fire’s concert in Les Vieilles Charrues in 2007: “I had the impression that this concert only lasted a few minutes, their performance was so impressive and accurate,” recalls Simon Fournier. (Telegram / François Destoc)

“Common point of union: music”

? The memories are still swirling around in Simon’s head, who also remembers “discussions with festival goers, some quite intoxicated but never misplaced. This renewed curiosity to find Canadian cousins ​​and to know who we are, why we were here, who were ours. favorite artists, etc. Always in joy, good mood and this common point of union: music! “.

A few years ago, in 2018, Simon came back to see us in Poher, but this time only a few days after the festival. We took a look at the Kerampuilh site, which was dismantled: “I first felt a sweet nostalgia. I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the place and the facilities.” Simon welcomes this upcoming 30th anniversary edition, “a tour de force and yet another proof of Breton solidarity and resilience, “he thinks, before saying,” Health and long life at Vieilles Charrues! “

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