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What might be the best value for money for a game processor right now?

On this page we talk daily about video games, a large part of which are played on PC. Not all PCs are made for gaming, and as soon as we consider the question of being able to afford a good gaming PC, buyers face a dilemma that may seem insoluble as there are so many technical elements to take taken into account in the composition. of a slot machine.

Whether you buy a pre-assembled computer or get it assembled at home, the choice of processor is crucial. Crucially, even. The real brain of your computer, the processor (or CPU of the Compute Processing Unit) has its own characteristics, which largely determine the performance. It is actually the core of this little component that your data will be processed. It is therefore the most important element of your computer, which will then determine the choice of motherboard, the type of memory (DDR4 or DDR5) but also the graphics card. Then follow the components with a more mechanical call such as blowers or water cooling, to keep the whole unit cool, even in case of heavy stress or high heat, like the ones we are currently undergoing. A quick overview of the best processor offerings on the market at the moment!

What is the best value for money game processor in 2022?

There are dozens of different processor references. Our editorial staff therefore chose to compare three processors, all three of the Intel brand. They are all at different performance levels, but each in very aggressive price ranges.

First of all, it is a matter of identifying the various comparison criteria offered to us. If statistics are taken into account (number of cores, frequency in Hertz, cache memory, fineness of engraving, etc.), the choice of processor with a clear conscience can only be made using concrete tests. Processor manufacturers, including Intel, have in recent years chosen to work on optimizing their computer chips to make them more efficient while controlling their energy consumption. To do this, manufacturers improve the architecture of their products so that they process data from games (and applications) in the most efficient way.

Comparative table


Intel Core i3-10105F

Intel Core i5-10600KF

Intel Core i9-11900

Power outlet

Intel LGA1200

Intel LGA1200

Intel LGA1200

Cache memory

6 MB

12 MB

16 MB


3.5 to 3.99 GHz

4.1-4.8 GHz

3 to 3.49 Ghz


Casual game

Regular play

Intense play or even video editing

Number of cores




Engraving thickness








Examples of games

Minecraft, League of Legends, Fortnite, Overwatch, Rocket League, Counter-Strike GO …

Cyberpunk 2077, GTA V, Elden Ring …

Cyberpunk 2077 and many more in ultra mode

Note : Thanks to Intel’s Hyperthreading technology found on most processors, they double their information processing capacity for each of the “physical” cores present. The information is therefore calculated more efficiently and can be used faster by the programs that need it.

Attention ! Although this table covers a lot of data on these three processors, other less easily quantifiable parameters are taken into account to differentiate them.

  1. Intel Core i3 – 10105F processor

Available at the incredible price of € 91.99, this quad-core processor nonetheless shows decent performance. Positions itself more as an entry-level processor, it is nonetheless suitable for playing games like Counter-Strike GO, Minecraft, Fortnite, League of Legends, as well as a large number of more or less recent AAA games, which utilize the power of hearts more than their numbers. It is therefore an interesting entrance to the tightest budgets.

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Laugh out loudFor games like League of Legends, the Core i3 – 10105F is sufficient

  1. Intel Core i5 – 10600KF processor

Sold for less than 240 euros, Core i5-10600KF has six cores. It makes perfect compromise between performance and sobriety, which makes it possible to achieve very high fluidity on the latest games. This processor also shows very respectable performance on software that requires some computing power, such as Adobe Photoshop. However, it is less effective for heavy data processing, such as the one required for video editing applications. It is also possible to play games like Elden Ring in high resolution, GTA V or Cyberpunk 2077 provided you also have a powerful graphics card.

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cyberpunk-2077With Core i5 – 10600KF it is possible to play Cyberpunk 2077

  1. Intel Core i9 – 11900 processor

Less than € 500 for this highly advanced processor, which is clearly aimed at a specialized audience and lovers of performance galore. It has superior properties, which makes it possible to process a large amount of data very quickly. Thus, the Core i9-11900 is ideal for an advanced game configuration, but also for particularly computing-intensive applications: for example, video editing or 3D rendering. This processor is mainly aimed at a demanding clientele, such as streamers or youtubers, including amateurs, who are ready to provide the most efficient selection. It can also be an investment in the future, as a processor of such quality can remain perfectly convincing for several years.

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krysisWith Core i9 – 11900, Crysis 3 Remastered and all newer games will be able to run in ultra for your greatest viewing pleasure

To achieve an optimal comparison, it is of course necessary to take into account the specific performance of each processor depending on the games and programs used. The numbers alone give only an overall indication of their characteristics.

After these last years in the field of PC components, the time has finally come to pamper: never before have the prices of processors been so competitive, no matter what level of performance you expect from them. Whether you are an occasional, regular or passionate gamer, now is the perfect time to upgrade your computer, for example by replacing your processor with one of those presented above, or even redoing a configuration from scratch ; several development kits are currently offered at prices that are as sacrificed as the processors alone … so do not hesitate!

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