Music from the Mercedes Innovations 2022 commercial

Mercedes invites us behind the scenes of its “Magic garage”. This magical place where the brand’s vehicles are imagined and where technology flirts with creativity and luxury. The music for the pub is an original creation for the pub by Georg Von Dem Bussche.

The new Mercedes Innovations campaign

In 1926, the Mercedes dealership was established. For 96 years, the German manufacturer has never stopped making us dream, taking us on the luxury roads aboard its exceptional vehicles. True to its status as a pioneer in the automotive industry, the luxury car brand is evolving over time. Mercedes Innovations is in a way the laboratory where all creations of the German brand come to life. The manufacturer is committed to mobility without accidents and without polluting emissions.

A few weeks after unveiling his new jewel, the 100% electric EQS ​​sedan, Mercedes invites us into its private hole. It is within these walls that the brand imagines, creates, refines and markets the cars of the future. Comfortable to drive, equipped with the latest technologies, connected, autonomous, ecological and safe, day after day. A playground to realize the biggest innovations of the future, those that will mark the car’s history over time.

Mercedes Innovations 2022 ad

The ads Mercedes Innovations 2022 was produced by the Antoni agency. “It looks like the innovative boxes all started in a garage. Hi Mercedes, show me around!”. It is with these few words that the Mercedes Innovations ad begins. She immerses us in the atmosphere of the Magic Garage with Mercedes herself as the guide in the visit, who takes off like a magnificent young woman. The ad begins when the door to a garage reveals a perfectly fitted interior. We meet Mercedes there, sit elegantly and enjoy a cup of tea. The voice-over asks her to show him around her garage and the woman gets up. She goes down several steps. Then we sink into a basement, which is in fact the place where Mercedes innovations are created.

We thus discover a parked vehicle surrounded by engineers who are in the process of perfecting it. Mercedes then shows us what aerodynamics are applied to the car. The ad then continues with a close-up of what appears to be diamonds. In reality, these are pixels. As Mercedes draws our attention to the ceiling, we discover a built-in screen in full swing. The ad continues in another room with an experiment to prove the effectiveness of smart headlights. Mercedes then takes us on a ride in a vehicle. For this long trip, the car’s autonomy, which goes up to more than 598 kilometers, is a real advantage. The voice-over asks Mercedes to let her drive, but she refuses. Then we discover the magnificent design of the electric car that comes on the road.

What’s the music in the Mercedes Innovations 2022 ad?

To present the commercials for its innovations, Mercedes chose an original sound creation. This work was entrusted to the German composer Georg Von Del Bussche which had already collaborated with the German brand before. The title is unpublished and is unfortunately not marketed. Georg Von Del Bussche is a writer, composer, remixer and producer. He made a name for himself by collaborating several times with the famous DJ Dixon.

In 2011, Georg Von Del Bussche co-founded the PlayDis agency Felix Haaksman and Robin Hoffman. They create music for cinema, television and advertising. The agency has produced soundtracks for the largest companies and brands. Among other things, we can quote Mercedes-Benz, Coca-Cola, Volkswagen, Samsung, Toyota or BMW.

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