Final Fantasy 7: stronger than Final Fantasy 16?

Is Final Fantasy 7 stronger than all of Final Fantasy combined? That is the question we can ask ourselves today. While we recently saw the 25ᵉ anniversary of the game come to fruition with a swarm of projects following their course, we can rejoice in the enthusiasm of the fans, but also worry a little about the continuation of the Square Enix adventure …


  • The end of an era …
  • Re-recordings: a weapon of mass destruction?
  • When the price freezes …
  • Mobile: savior of long projects
  • After FF7 Remake

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The end of an era …

Final Fantasy VII Remakeis a project that officially dates from 2015. We are talking about a colossal project and after the release in 2020 of the first opus, now Part II is finally taking shape in a trailer. It is scheduled for the end of 2023 and was shown in pictures, with a small sequence in play. We continue this epic, which differs from the original in many respects. We are already unexpectedly halfway through the project, as the game took more than 7 years to deliver its part 1, some expected the adventure to end around 2030, but luckily it will be earlier …

Finally, we hope so because the experts from the study have claimed that the third and final part is already under development. They have the tools, the models, the game system, and with Part 2, they worked with the relationship to the open world. ‘So they can simply extend the production pipeline by 2, to get a third paragraph out of it, which would therefore be released relatively quickly. It’s a bit like Matrix 1 and Matrix 2 and 3, which came apart pretty quickly. This assumption must, of course, be taken with a pinch of salt. But this enthusiasm around FF7 reveals a new strategy for Square Enix, a strategy in harmony with the times …

Re-recordings: a weapon of mass destruction?

Square Enix is ​​not the only company utilizing remakes as a key asset for stable profitability. Production costs are rising, and on a saga as extensive as Final Fantasy. In addition, the anthological structure of the franchise means that we start from scratch with each episode. It can be seen in the game design, which since episode 10 has been structurally modified with each opus, and it can also be seen in the fans’ expectations. It’s enough that the framework or the characters do not match the audience, so we are heading towards a drama in terms of sales. We see it well Final Fantasy XVI. It’s HAM, the next big cannon project in the license, and yet it does not necessarily motivate the crowds as much as the FF7 Remake.

Final Fantasy 7: stronger than Final Fantasy 16?

A box like Square Enix can not afford years of emptiness or half-hearted waiting that would represent a future threat. It is therefore necessary to constantly fill with lots of projects with 100% guaranteed profitability. This is a phenomenon that can be seen in many developers and publishers, and that is, for example, what is happening with the Resident Evil saga at Capcom. We now have a canon episode, and a remake that takes over and ensures the financial stability of the box’s accounts. Nostalgia always pays off, and promising a remake plays on the hearts of fans who will most likely buy the future game. And we can see that with the remake of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VIIwhich was presented last night, which promises to revive the founding adventure of the FF7 myth, and which fans will probably have to jump on.

When the price freezes …

This is a point that had already been discussed when the first remake was released: how much will the full game cost? FF7 is an adventure that lasts between 55 and 120 hours and was sold for the price of a normal game at the time. There we pull a little in the rope with 3 games lasting between 40 and 100 hours each, and sold full pot. Add to that the 10 euro increase between the PS4 and PS5 versions of the remake. This increase is also invited on PC, as Square Enix places its games at the highest price on the new generation market: the standard for triple A PS5 is 80 euros … which must also be paid on PC. The normal price, on PC, in dematerialized form, is therefore almost 30% more expensive than the price to be paid at the end of a AAA. But so far, Intergrade has been reduced to € 52 on Steam. The pill goes over or not, that is the question, at the moment the opinions are very positive.

However, there are only 52, which means that in three weeks, when the price goes up to 80 euros and people are done with the content, the return may be different. And if you are not convinced by the aggressiveness of such a policy with regard to your portfolio, we can remember that Forspoken, Square Enix ‘next end of year triple A, costs at least € 80 on Steam at the moment, without discount this time and the next issue is 105 euros. It’s still almost twice as much as a triple A on PC. The message is clear, if you are a fan of our quality products, you have to pay the price, and the presence of merchandising revealed at the conference in the middle of the fighting, with in particular bracelets, an alarm clock and a statuette, goes totally in this direction. On the other hand, if you do not like to pay for your games, Square Enix has also thought of you: free to play games, which are the real financial asset of the company.

Mobile: savior of long projects

As we have seen, alternating remake and canon project must ensure profitability. Getting out of expensive games and merchandising also goes in this direction. But if we look at the company’s most recent financial year, it is the MMOs, and therefore FF14, but especially the multiple mobile projects that generate money. They did not miss FF7’s 25th anniversary conference and represented 50% of the announcements. First Soldier, FF7 Battle Royal continues its momentum with new content. We’re in season 3, and according to Sensor Tower, it’s a game that only generated $ 100,000 last month. We’re far from the revenue from the top 10 Square Enix mobile games, so it’s quite logical to push for more enthusiasm, especially at a time when the franchise’s Triple A game is in the news.

Final Fantasy 7: stronger than Final Fantasy 16?

This may make fans want to wait for a game in the same universe. The second FF7 mobile project had already been announced, offering gameplay here, especially in combat. We’re talking about Ever Crisis, the second remake. This game promises an adventure that bridges the gap between the various FF7 productions. But beware who says free to play mobile says seasonal content and microtransactions. In the trailer we can see different outfits, especially for Aerith, and we already know that there will be a gatcha system to unlock the weapons … It is therefore a sure bet that the economic model will be especially awaited at the turn .

After FF7 Remake

Quite objectively, in the hearts of the fans, no FF has been as loved as the seventh episode. It is the first RPG of an entire generation. He is honored, adored, sacred, and his universe has already received eight dedicated works revolving around the basic game, not to mention First Order, Ever Crisis, FF7 Remake in 3 parts, and the Crisis Core remake. But what can Square Enix do now? If we look closely, there are other games in the franchise that have a good aura: Final Fantasy XFF6, Final Fantasy IX are good examples and they could manage with a remake after various remasters and mobile projects. The ninth episode has been tipped for several months to host a remake, which would be quite logical as it is one of the best games in the saga.

Final Fantasy 7: stronger than Final Fantasy 16?

In terms of X, it seems to be the FF that is most suitable. By the way, we recently had echoes of an episode X-3, for which there is already a script. One thing is for sure, redoing FF Open Worlds is more complex than redoing FF corridors. And then, when we look at the Final Fantasy saga, there are also Tactics, dedicated to portable consoles and mobile, that could ideally return to the Switch. But whatever it is, nothing will be of the caliber of an FF7 that has benefited from movies, series, spin-offs, mobile games, portable games and premium games. We therefore need to think quickly about the future, but we believe that Square Enix is ​​already aware of this concern …

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