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  • This is not an open world

Considering the franchise’s track record with Final Fantasy 15 or even those of Naoki Yoshida with Final Fantasy 14it was expected Final Fantasy 16 includes the open world in its specifications. But it’s nothing. “To deliver a story that feels like it spans an entire planet and beyond, we decided to avoid an open-world design that limits us to a single open space, and instead focus on a game based on separate areas , which can give players a better sense of truly global scale“, explains Naoki Yoshida at IGN. The latter notes that according to research from Square Enix, many young players have never touched a Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy 16 also draws some of its inspiration from modern RPGs in the open world.

  • Partners well present and managed by AI

Infamous alone in the various sequences seen so far, the protagonist Clive does not seem to want to share the adventure in a group, as Noctis did with his fellow travelers. At this point, Yoshida confirms that the player does not need to control anyone other than Clive during or outside of the fights, but that the latter will still have company at various points in the adventure. . “We did not want to overwhelm the users in our latest trailer, so we only focused on Clive’s matches. That said, for most of his trip, Clive will be accompanied by one or more companions. These companions will participate in matches, but also in exchanging fun with Clive. That said, party members will be AI-driven to allow players to focus solely on controlling Clive. “explains Yoshida.

  • Clashes between Primordials

The player will express his opinion during the clashes between Primordials (Phoenix, Titan, Garuda, Ramuh, Shiva, Odin, Ramuh, Ifrit). Spectacular as possible, these matches will be divided into different phases and most often playable. Clive will face Primordials in his normal human form, but will also have the ability to take the form of these huge summonses to make the fight fairer. At GameSpot’s microphone, Naoki Yoshida trusts the fight against Titan, which is seen in the trailer. “The fight itself goes through many different stages and it all changes in real time. And the player ends up having a grandiose experience, full of action and intensity. I hope many players will see this and find it hard to believe that we have created something so crazy. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. There are several other summon vs summon matches and they are all unique in their design“, cheers the producer.”For example, if one of these battles is reminiscent of a 3D shooter, another looks like a professional wrestling match, while another, like the one against Titan, incorporates an entire area as a battlefield.“, he adds.

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  • A complete game at launch

We do not return to the story of the complicated evolution of Final Fantasy 15if the script was to be supplemented with an animated film and various additional content, but Final Fantasy 16 intends to avoid this kind of pitfall by giving the player all the necessary keys without having to rely on another medium to form a complete and coherent whole. “The development team is currently working hard to ensure that the final version of the game is a complete experience and that no other tertiary content is needed to enjoy or understand it. Thus, the story and narrative proceed as follows: we follow Clive’s life through three different stages: his youth, his twenties, and his thirties.“, Confirms Naoki Yoshida.

  • Back to the fantasy of the Middle Ages

After science fiction Final Fantasy 13 and the “reality-based fantasy” about Final Fantasy 15, Final Fantasy 16 marks a return to a more traditional medieval fantasy style. What could have motivated this creative decision? “The answer to that question is actually quite simple: many of the core members of Creative Business Unit III happened to really enjoy the classic Final Fantasy and classic European medieval fantasy vibes – including myself – and we wanted to create a game that felt like“, Explains Naoki Yoshida at Game Informer.

  • Skill point management

One of the hallmarks of the world of Final Fantasy 16 is that the traditional invocations live here through men and women chosen to bear this burden. In the beginning, the main character Clive is not one of these “envoys”, his little brother Joshua has been appointed in his place to inherit the original Phoenix at the beginning of the adventure. However, Clive will be able to claim the powers of the Primordials (probably after defeating them), which will have the effect of unlocking skill trees where you will use the points earned during battles. The player will also have the opportunity to redistribute these points at will to experiment with other playing styles. In the second trailer of the game, we were able to discover the identity of the bearers of Titan (Hugo Kupka) and Garuda (Benedikta Harman)), which has since been added to the official website.

  • See you in the fall for the next trailer

Announced for Summer 2023 on PlayStation 5, Final Fantasy 16 still has plenty of time to reveal his secrets to us. And unless there is a delay, the next trailer for the game will be revealed to us before the end of the year. “While we have just released our second trailer, we are already working on preparing a third trailer, which will be released this fall. In this trailer, we hope to focus a little more on the world, the story and the story and bring a little more information to the players that shows what the story, the narrative and what it will look like. will be integrated into the world“, We can read.

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  • About Final Fantasy 16 is essentially the work of the team of Final Fantasy 14named Creative Business Unit III, the team of Kingdom hearts also brought his expertise to the development of this title of utmost importance to Square Enix, especially when it comes to real-time battles and boss battles.
  • Unlike its predecessors, Final Fantasy 16 will apparently have a PEGI 18 rating and equivalent in most regions. According to Yoshida, this is not about making a violent or shocking game for fun, but this rating was necessary to honestly explore some of the adult themes the game deals with.
  • Final Fantasy 16 can currently be played in full, but Square Enix has not yet recorded voiceovers in different languages, balanced the game’s difficulty level, completed intermediate sequences and continued debugging. Composer Masayoshi Soken has not yet completed his work with music.

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