10 best NPCs that are not teammates

A new one Mass effect The game is under development, but there is currently no specific release date. Each time it comes out, fans are excited to once again travel around the galaxy and meet memorable characters. While teammates are understandably some of the series’ most iconic non-player characters, non-teammates NPCs help round out the experience and bring the galaxy to life.

These three-dimensional NPCs provide insight into the history of their respective alien races and depths that make players question everything they knew about ME the world as a whole.

Stand by

A strong and tough crocodile woman, Eve knows her role in healing re-awakening and is willing to sacrifice herself to the extreme trials of wage earners for the benefit of her kind. Talking to her about Normandy allows players to see the softer truth that Krogans are more than just fighting and killing machines and are a species worth saving.

Eva’s survival is crucial to the war effort. Without her, Clan Urdnot has a hard time trusting Shepard, which could result in the loss of Krogan’s forces. For her to survive ME3Maelon’s research should be saved ME2, results in Renegade Points, which puts a pure Paragon player in a difficult position.

Captain Kirrahe

Shepard assists Captain Kirrahein’s battle on the Virmire against the Saren and the Kroganes he raises in the facilities. He is empathetic towards Krogan, who is unheard of among wage earners, and his crew, both of whom have suffered devastating losses.

Not saving Kirrahe on Virmire is a bad choice. The temptation to do so may be strong, but it proves useful to have Kirrahe as an ally. He will help Shepard on Sur’kesh in the fight to save Eva, find the cure for re-awakening, save Thane’s life and add wage forces to the war effort. If players choose to inform Wrex / Wreav and Eve about the Daltas Genophage sabotage, the Salarian forces that Kirrahe brings will replace those that the player has lost.

Maya Brooks

Maya is a shy and clumsy officer in the Staff Analyst Alliance who appears to be on Shepard’s side after informing the commander of someone who has got his fingers in her Specter codes, convincing everyone that she’s one of The good guys. She offers to help Shepard and his squadron in their search for the perpetrator.

However, she is a former Cerberus agent working on Shepard’s clone, but the only person she is loyal to is herself. One of the most difficult ME3 battles between Shepard, Maya and the clone begin when the player is in an enclosed space and can easily be put into corners, not to mention that the clone has the same powers as the real Shepard. Maya changes sides as she sees fit to win. Even in detention, Maya pretends to be innocent.

Admiral Shala’Raan vas Tonbay

During Tali’s trial, Shala’Raan is the only one openly on her side. She has known the Zorah family for 25 years, and despite being part of the Quarian Admiralty Council, she is forced to step aside as her bias can be disruptive. Fair, diligent and wise, Shala’Raan offers wisdom in the most urgent times, but still mistrusts the legion, unsure if they can trust Geth.

The outspoken admiral will not hesitate to accuse one of his own of treason if necessary, and is the voice of reason among the quarters. Along with Tali, Shala’Raan is the driving force behind the acquisition of the Quarian fleet, the largest a player can acquire, and one of the best choices Shepard can make is to end the war between the Quarians and Geth.

Urdnot Wreav

One of the biggest choices of ME1 is to spare or kill Wrex on Virmire. Not having Wrex as a buffer between the player and Wreav will cause unnecessary difficulty. He specifically hates Salarians and Turians, but generally hates anyone who is not Krogan. If Wrex is spared, players will only interact with Wreav in ME3.

Either way, he is evil and relentless. Wreav prefers to be intimidating, while Wrex takes the diplomatic approach. Wreav is not a Krogan to be played with, and it is clear that the Krogan breed would be more likely to fall back into violence under his rule.

Helene Blake

Innocent appearance Helena Blake is the leader of a criminal cartel, but also wants the two leaders under her eliminated. The mission itself is challenging as it requires high level skills to complete it properly and the group of goons including Geth Bounties, Snipers and Biotics will challenge even the most talented players.

With the action committed, Helena shows up and announces her master plan: to deal with petty crimes that do not deserve a Specter’s attention. If the player chooses to spare her, she becomes a social worker at Omega and claims to have put her criminal past behind her. The question is whether Shepard can trust him, but unfortunately it will never be finally resolved.


A former disciple of matriarch Benenzia, Shiala is first seen in Zhu’s Hope as a green Asari possessed by the Thorian. She is a strong biotician who has been cloned and she makes a fierce enemy and keeps coming back stronger until Thorian’s last knot is destroyed.

Shiala goes back and forth between indoctrination and a normal Asari, and the distinction between the two can influence Shepard’s decision to spare her. The bigger question, if she is spared, is whether she can be trusted. She tries to redeem herself by helping the settlers, but her endgame is always questioned and left unanswered.

The illusory man

One of the most complex characters in the series, Illusionary Man keeps the player on their toes. What he says he wants to do sounds good: fight the Reapers and prevent them from wiping out the galaxy. But the way he proceeds to advance humanity’s first position is against the Alliance, making Cerberus a terrorist organization and a problem for Shepard.

Relentless and always ten steps ahead, The Illusive Man provides insight into despair over aversion and the extreme measures they will take to preserve what is dear to them. His shift from destroying the Reapers to wanting to control them is shocking and ultimately results in his death.


Without this turian ghost, the ME the world would not exist. Saren claims to want to save the galaxy by merging with Sovereign, but in reality, Reaper has brainwashed him and uses Saren to carry out his plan to destroy all organic life.

Shepard sees the battle Saren faces between what he wants and what Sovereign wants, causing a dilemma between hating the Turian and feeling sorry for him. He’s not the typical villain. Saren wants to save the galaxy by adapting to Reapers, and eventually he knows he’s gone too far to do so. If Shepard makes the right choices, Saren sacrifices himself before Sovereign can fully control him, allowing himself to become a martyr instead of a villain.

The catalysts

Childish in appearance, this figure is the driving force behind ME3. Misleadingly believed to be the citadel, the Catalyst reveals himself at the end of the game. Through extended dialogue, the player learns that synthetic substances want to evolve just like organic substances, but in order to do so, organic substances must be harvested to absorb their knowledge.

What started with Saren ends with The Catalyst. This is where the bloody, violent and tired Shepard is forced to make the ultimate choice: destroy all synthetic life, team up with the Reapers or do nothing. For some, this may be easy, but when you realize that destroying synthetic life also means Geth players are allies, it’s not so unambiguous. Shepard could kill their friends for the benefit of the galaxy, or they could merge with the harvest people and risk indoctrination. No option is strictly right or wrong.

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