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Fairphone’s new Easy plan reinvents the way to enjoy technology and will also help us respect the environment by taking care of the life cycle of your phones.

The Dutch company Fairphone already introduced us to its fourth modular smartphone at the end of last year 2021, although the most durable model in the mobile industry still had to give its business strategy an extra twist to become a 100% device.circular and respectful. .

They were aware of this at Fairphone, so this new and attractive Fairphone 4 5G will now be offered with a new Easy package that points to the circular economy, and in the process will try to revolutionize the way we consume technology.

Here’s the new Fairphone 4 5G, the revival of the most respectable mobile on the planet.

Fairphone’s idea is certainly never to have to buy a smartphone again, and directly in the same press release in which it announces its Easy plan, the European manufacturer shows us that it is very serious about this new service.subscription, which in words from the company, “takes its circular ambitions to the next level”.

Here we leave you the link to the announcement of Fairphone Easy, and now we continue to explain the proposal:

Fairphone 4 5G: the renovation of the modular and environmentally responsible mobile is here

There are already other manufacturers and operators who offer us similar options for renting devices, although in the case of Fairphones they go even further, because the Dutch idea is that we never buy the smartphone nor consider it ours, but rather that we subscribe and use it for a monthly amount that will have bonus if we take care of the smartphone or return it in good condition, for example.

Not in vain Fairphone wants to offer us a 100% circular system where they condition the devices you use them for as many months as you want and the terminal returns to the arena again conditioned to its next user, changing the parts needed because we are facing a completely modular device and with the highest repairability rating from iFixit, a 10 out of 10.

With Fairphone Easy, the Dutch manufacturer offers us to extend its product management beyond the actual sales, cover their entire life cycle and then recycle them to reuse them or give them a new life with a new user. .

Fairphone, easy program

The Easy service includes a Fairphone 4 5G smartphone with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage space, as well as its possible replacement or repair in case of failure or breakage, addition of maintenance and all necessary updates. The savings lie in the maintenance you provide to the terminal, because the better you keep it, and the longer you have it, the less you pay each month.

Fairphone thus guarantees responsible use and a much more sustainable life cycle of electronic products, promotes long-term use and ensures both reuse and correct reuse of defective components.

The service can be contracted for now in the Netherlands on the manufacturer’s official website, although there are plans to expand it to other markets, and the prices offered by Fairphone are as follows:

  • Fairphone Easy (3 months) .- € 34 / month
  • Fairphone Easy (12 months) .- 29 € / month
  • Fairphone Easy (36 months) .- € 24 / month
  • Fairphone Easy (60 months) .- € 21 / month

Fairphone, easy program

This is how the conclusion of the new Fairphone Easy program in the Netherlands is illustrated.

From Fairphone they of course give us all the facilities so we can enjoy our new ecological smartphone without any problems from day one, even if the manufacturer does not include a charger or cable in the service, so we will have to have a USB Type-C cable and a wall panels.

They include a protective back cover, as well as a screen protector that comes from the factory, adds the benefits already listed with lifetime warranty, free repair or replacement of parts (once a year if we talk battery and glass) and troubleshooting software, plus full replace the phone if it does not work within 48 hours.

Why Fairphone Easy represents the sustainable revolution in the mobile industry

As Fairphone officials told us in the published notes, their market research confirms an average lifespan of our smartphones between 2 and 3 years, which for them is a very short life cycle that brings waste electronics to above acceptable levels.

In fact, they explain that only 15% of mobile phones are recycled correctly and the industry’s CO2 footprint and CO2 emissions have only grown and increased recently. They also say that these emissions usually mostly happen during the production process, so it is ideal to ensure that mobile phones are as modular as possible and allow us both simple repairs and hardware upgrades.

According to them, Fairphone Easy will encourage users to keep their mobiles longer, reduce their costs as usage time increases, and also give all its customers a full warranty throughout the product life cycle by adding software updates and repairing any components that may be damaged. This is also included in the price and at no extra cost.

Fairphone, easy program

His idea is to curb what is called technological obsolescence by offering an alternative way of consuming technology and avoiding the rapid shutdown that most manufacturers are managing for their devices.

Fairphone is also proud to master better than anyone else the entire cycle of its smartphones, from production to delivery to its users, through renovation and return to the circular economy or replacement and proper recycling of devices that reach the end of their life. its useful life.

It’s a great idea that many should sign up for, and one that we welcome from here to encourage other manufacturers to reduce their CO2 footprint with initiatives like this … And you, how much would you pay per month to always use a brand new iPhone or best Galaxy S in use every year?

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