these young people that the end of the TER Pass leaves on the sidelines

If one does not agree on a national offer, several regions offer unlimited tickets that are only valid within their perimeter. ERIC CABANIS / AFP

OPINIONS – This offer, which allows 12-25-year-olds to take regional trains in France for € 29 a month, will not be renewed this summer. An announcement that is going badly at a time when purchasing power and climate problems are the core of the concerns.

Unlimited travel with TER for € 29 per person. month. In the summer of 2020, the offer had something to appeal to young people aged 12 to 25, who were eager to flee again after the first incarceration. Renewed in 2021 (and hailed by 70,000 users), the Pass Jeune TER de France will not be renewed this summer. A surprising decision at a time when purchasing power and climate issues are worrying young and old …

The end of this offer comes as several European countries offer “unlimited” subsidized tickets that can be used by anyone without conditions. Germany has just launched a ticket giving access to all regional trains in the country for € 9 a month. In place until August 31, it arouses enormous enthusiasm, so that it creates monster chaos at certain stations. At the end of 2021, Austria launched its KlimaTicket, an annual subscription of € 1095 (ie € 3 per day), which allows you to use all public transport in the country at will.

In history, the SNCF has nothing to do with it. “It is a decision of the regions that did not want to renew this passport, as we had proposed to them. They are the ones who decide on TER offers“, Says the company. The regions point to a lack of funding to finance this offer. “Resuming a national passport proved to be complicated after two years of crisis without any budget support from the state“, Explains to Figaro Regions of France, the institution representing the French regions that collaborated with SNCF on this project. Our goal for the summer of 2022 has been to develop more internal and region-specific offers.»

I want to use the carpool or the coach. It pollutes, it blocks the roads, but do I really have a choice?

Grégory, 21, student at Rennes

“The TER pass has made my summer better”

A reason that is not enough for young people who on Twitter demand the return of Pass Jeune TER with the hashtag #RendezLePassTER. A petition calling for renewal of the offer for the summer of 2022 has so far collected 14,000 signatures. For those who have experienced it over the past two summers, the abandonment of the Pass Jeune TER has suited the effect of a cold shower. “In 2021, I spent three whole weeks traveling France up and down and across, and I took the opportunity to visit friends. I traveled without worrying about anything, neither the price nor the reservations. This passport has adorned my summerremembers Grégory, 21, a student at Rennes. At the end of his summer job, in early August, Rennais still intends to take a few trips. “I want to go less far, by carpool or by bus. It pollutes, it blocks the roads, but do I really have a choice?“.

For his part, Elias, a young man from Angers, also regrets the abandonment of an offer that is both virtuous to the environment and to the wallet. “Last year I had the opportunity to travel around France by train for only 30 € / month. This ecological and social opportunity for 12/25 year olds will not come again. Still, I saved € 400 and reduced my CO2 footprint by 90%, ”He explains on Twitter in the introduction to a discussion thread. And to clarify that they took he took “was mostly empty“.

“Ecological emergency” and purchasing power

With the disappearance of this ticket, young people lose the opportunity to go on vacation without breaking money. But they particularly regret that the train, the most ecological means of public transport, is not further promoted in a climate emergency. “How unfortunate it is not to perpetuate this devicewrites Amelle, a resident of Chalon-sur-Saône, on the Facebook group “TGV Max Community”. “Young people benefited from it, especially in a period of galloping inflation, tourism was favored while supporting the railway sector, the most respectable in terms of CO2 footprint.»

Summer offers in certain regions

Everything is therefore not lost. Therefore, if the regions abandon the idea of ​​a national ticket, some of them offer deals exclusively for their perimeter. Young people under 26 can travel freely through the Pays de la Loire region thanks to the Pass Jeune Aléop for € 25 a month in July and August. The Hauts-de-France region, for its part, will sell 5,000 tickets for € 1 a day as part of its ether operation, which has been renewed every summer for the past fifteen years.

At the national level, young travelers benefit from a 30% reduction on TGV travel in Oui and Intercités as well as a price cap (between € 39 and € 79 per trip depending on its duration) with the Avantage Jeune card (€ 49 per year) . For a train journey in Europe, young people can apply for the Interrail Pass, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2022. The ticket, which can be used 7 days over a monthly period in around 30 countries, is offered for example for 251 € to young people from 12 to 27 year.

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