sunrise, rails, portable lamp … Lots of new choices for your smart home

Phillips is announcing several connected lighting products to complement its Hue line. There is an autonomous lamp, a portable switch, a system of personal lighting, but also an LED tube.

Philips Hue Go portable lamp // Source: Philips

Philips returns in June to present its new connected lighting products to its Philips Hue ecosystem. On the program is a whole range of products that are Matter-compatible and that are enriched with features.

The Gradient Signe floor lamp, an LED tube that simulates the sunrise

With the name Gradient Signe, this luminous tube returns in its floor and table versions, this time with an oak coating at the bottom. But it is not the only change found on this fixture. It is equipped with a sunrise mode that simulates … the sunrise. What to wake up gently with a light starting from the bottom to extend upwards mimics the sun.

Source: Philips

Incidentally, both sizes can work together. You can select when this mode is activated, at what power and for how long.

The Philips Hue Go lamp develops and becomes portable

The brand advertises the Philips Hue Go Portable, even though it has nothing to do with the Hue Go that we knew. It is a lamp, in black or white, which emits light from below. But this time it is autonomous and can run on battery. Count between three and four hours to fully charge it. On the autonomy side, we will have between six and forty-eight hours depending on the intensity of the light. No compatibility with wireless charging and moreover the device works with a proprietary charger.


It can be used indoors and outdoors as Philips certifies it IP44. It is therefore resistant to water spray. Everything is made of metal, with one grip silicone to wear it. However, we will not be able to see the battery level from the application, but a light signal will remind you when the lamp needs to be recharged.

Perifo, a personal lighting system

Among the new products presented by Philips is Perifo. It is a system of rails in which we push different lights, spots, lines, bulbs, etc. You can combine up to 18 luminaires on one rail, as the supplied power is 100 W. There are three sizes of rails with a length of up to six meters. Philips supplies corner connectors.


The interest here is to be able to simply cut its candles, change them whenever desired or add new ones at any time. Philips informs us that more starter packs will be available.

Tap Dial connector, autonomous and Matter compatible

To control all these new lighting products, Philips plans the move with the Tap Dial Switch, a connected switch that has five buttons, namely four on the front and a touch crown (which allows you to change the brightness, for example). It allows you to switch from one scene to another, from one program to another, to turn off or on certain lights. It is located on a wall base, but can be removed to be transported wherever you want, a base that meets European standards.

It is powered by a battery, which gives it about two years of autonomy. This Tap Dial can control Philips products, but not only: products connected to the Philips Hue point, namely Zigbee products, but also soon Matter or HomeKit.

We contacted Philips to learn a little more about certain technical features of these products, as the brand had not given many details during the presentation. We will update the paper based on the answer.

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