Meetings of the Advisory Committee on Legal Affairs will take place without quorum

Sadok Belad: The meetings of the Advisory Committee on Legal Affairs will take place without quorum

Professor of Law and Co-ordinating Chairman of the National Advisory Commission for a New Republic, Sadok Belaidconsidered that the deans of the law faculties’ refusal to be part of the advisory commission set up by the head of state Kaïs Saiedcould result their professional obligations.There are exams … The end of the academic year must go well … I understand them “, he added.

Invited May 25, 2022 by Insaf yahyaoui on the show “Al wataniya Eel Aan » broadcast on national television, Sadok Belaid found that the meetings of the Advisory Committees set up within the framework of the National Advisory Commission for a New Republic will take place without quorum and with the participation of those present.

With regard to the adoption of a parliamentary or presidential system, Sadok Belaid claimed that none of them were perfect. He believed that the effectiveness of a regime depended on the political atmosphere. According to him, the text only has value when it is put into context.

HAVE force to want to do well, we make mistakes … This text indicates that the legal aspect will take place after the consultation phase … This will be done by the Advisory Committee on Economic and Social Affairs … We need to take an approach that starts with priorities and not the development of a legal text … I sent letters and invitations to financial experts to gather ideas, suggestions and visions. I called them to participate in the writing of objects », he said, answering a question on consulting economic and social actors before setting up the National Commission.

Sadok Belaid assured that the President of the Republic, contrary to the claims of the political parties, was not stubborn in making decisions and did not impose his conditions during exchanges and debates. He has confirmed that any party who can add value will be consulted.

In response to the refusal expressed due to the method by which the deans were convened, Sadok Belaid confirmed that they were public servants and that they needed to mobilize to serve the interests of the country.They can be invited to participate in a committee’s work by a simple phone call … I can not remember not have previously asked to receive an invitation card to be able to attend something the same “, he added.

Sadok Belaid explained that the Commission was responsible for presenting a proposal that meets the expectations of the people and the demands of the situation. He has explained that the National Advisory Commission should carry out a task technically and that itUGTT as part of the political scene, it was right to take such an attitude.

It is possible to study the question of the establishment of governance of the bases, if this project serves the interests of the Tunisians … I had suggested to the President to use the term “for a new Tunisia”. The president wanted to choose the term “Republic.” Maybe he was trying to give a good picture of Tunisia abroad … We had suggested a neutral expression: the Political Reform Committee. These are just simple details. The most important thing is the substance and not the form “, He continued.

Sadok Belaid believed that political Islam has provided some opportunity to become rich and achieve huge sums for the benefit of some people within the framework of the compensation mechanism. He claimed that these persons had access to funds from the state treasury without working or providing a service to the state. He also criticized the provision of compensation to people who were in America or England.

He also insisted on preserving and preserving the results of the revolution and the Tunisian people such as democracy, the rule of law and institutions and gender equality.This is our ticket to the international community … Habib Bourguiba had insisted on mentioning these elements of the Constitution in order to convince and have the support of Western forces. “, he said.


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