A police officer tried to have shot without warning at a car in the Bois de Boulogne

The police officers who checked Paul and his friends on the night of April 30, 2019, were probably unaware of this. But the scene of great violence was fully captured by surveillance cameras. The broadcast of the images during Paul’s trial in November 2019 allowed the court to better understand what had happened in a dark alley in the Bois-de-Boulogne in Paris. And at the conclusion of the hearing, one of the officials went from being a victim to being a suspect. At the age of 28, this Bac police officer was prosecuted on Tuesday for opening fire on the young man’s vehicle without warning without warning.

Return. That night, around 2:30 a.m., police were told that a prostitute had her purse stolen. They decide to steer the car of Paul and his five friends aged 16 to 22, who were on a night out in Bois-de-Boulogne. As he was stopped at a red light, allée de la reine Marguerite, three unmarked vehicles blocked the road to his Dacia Duster. Several police officers from the 16th arrondissement’s anti-crime brigade come out and point their weapons at them. Paul and his friends panic. They then think of being attacked by criminals who want to rob them because neither armbands nor flashing lights indicate that they are law enforcement.

A twist for the audience

Paul tries to back up and drives into one of the police cars. Alexis B, a Bac agent, then fired twice, without warning, at the vehicle. The bullet got stuck in the body, just a few inches from the driver’s head. The six people who were in the car were then violently arrested and taken to the police station to be remanded in custody. Five of them are quickly released without being prosecuted for theft, the wanted bag is not in their possession. Paul himself claims to have understood that they were only police officers when they handcuffed him. At the time, he thought these men, who called him a “cock sucker,” would steal his car. If he backed down, it was simply to escape them.

“What’s surprising about justice is that it goes fast enough to charge and prosecute a victim, it goes much slower to bring him to justice. From the night of the events, where he had just been shot, he was placed in police custody and prosecuted, “explains to 20 minutes his lawyer, Ms Raphaël Kempf. Seven months later, Paul was prosecuted for intentional violence against people responsible for public authority, with a weapon by destination, for hitting the police car. But the broadcast to the audience of the images taken by the surveillance camera will be the cause of a dramatic change. The video proves it: no police officer wore a badge to identify those required by law.

“The psychological consequences are significant”

In light of these new elements, Paul is relaxed. A relief. During the hearing, the prosecution announced that it would file a lawsuit against the police. Three years after the events, one of the police officers, a member of the anti-crime brigade in Boulogne, in Hauts-de-Seine, was on Tuesday prosecuted before the 10th Chamber of the Paris Criminal Court. At the age of 28, Alexis B. is being prosecuted for intentional violence committed by a person with public authority and damage to a vehicle. Contacted by 20 minutesthe police officer’s lawyer, Me Isabelle Vigla, did not respond to our inquiries.

‘My client is waiting for justice to say that the policeman did not have the right to shoot him. This is the essential, continues Paul’s lawyer, Me Kempf. This had consequences for him, which were extremely difficult. He struggles to recover, three years later, to turn the page. The psychological consequences are significant. He must move on. »

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