a phase 4 too messy?

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Already 28 films make up Marvel Cinematic Universe since his arrival in 2008 with Iron Man. A universe divided into 4 phases: a phase is a story that follows and usually ends with one last confrontation in an Avengers movie. The third ended e.g. with Playoffs after the death of the villain Thanos and more fan-favorite avengers. And so at the moment we are in phase 4 of MCU, the first phase to also integrate the Disney + series, spin-off movies like Wanda vision Where Loki. Except that after 5 movies and 7 series, we stay a little hungry. Fans do not understand where this phase leads them with many questions that remain unanswered, leads launched but never taken up, or characters introduced but not seen again.

Too much content

An organized mess that can already be explained by the amount of content offered. Before in one phase, there were only about ten movies, each about iconic characters from Marvel comics like Captain America, Iron Man, Thor etc … For all of them, they formed the group that needs no introduction: the avengers. At the time, MCU was easy to follow. Each post-credit scene heralded the next movie, the actors made all the cameos to delight the fans, the stories were all connected. Except that today, this phase 4 will have a total of 27 film and series productions, and that is far too many. We are still waiting for the new Thor, Black Panther 2, The MarvelsSeries hun hulk or the successors of Ant man and Guardians of the Galaxy… It never stops!

The second annoying point is the constant introduction of new characters. They may have wanted to make too much news level. Between Yelena and Black Widow, Shang-Chi, Kate Bishopband off Eternal and all those who still come … it’s getting complicated to follow. Moreover, the last series to date, which introduced Miss Marvel got off to the worst start at Disney + since launching their series, which is not so surprising. Moreover, the Marvel productions that work best are the ones that are centered on old characters, whether it’s the movies Dr. Strange, Spider-Man and Black widow or series Loki and Wanda vision.

A sequel that is still very vague

Recently, Marvel boss Kevin Feige gave an interview to Total Film in which he tried to reassure fans about the future of MCU: “As we approach the end of Phase 4, I think people will start to see where the next saga is going. Come to make a plan for the spectators.” And it was time, because there the timelines no longer matter. Everything is mixed up with this famous multiverse, we no longer know what character is in what time frame and with whom … So Marvel will really have to take a clear direction that they present a real villain who will be a guideline for the next, for it is perfectly fine to introduce us Harry Styles by the exit of The Eternal in new character mode, but if it’s to see him again in 17 movies, the hype will die.

Fans also have another theory about the future of MCU, namely young avengers, a band of young superheroes coming together to fight in the comics. And apparently nothing, Marvel has already introduced a good deal of it, in secondary character mode, but let it still be America Chavez, The Maximoff Kids, Kate Bishop, Eli Bradley, Kid Loki etc Cassie Lang in the new Ant man… so they could form the next generation of Avengers and attempt a breakthrough in Marvel successes.

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