A new storage space for the Moisson Mauricie-Center-du-Québec

The Moisson Mauricie-Center-du-Québec team will soon be able to count on a new building offering more space for food storage. Thanks to $ 225,000 in financial assistance from the provincial government to acquire and furnish a larger space, the organization will be able to respond more appropriately to the growing needs of its users.

The building in question is not unknown to the Moisson Mauricie-Center-du-Québec team, although it was used to house part of the operation until 2013. It is 630, rue Poisson in Trois-Rivieres. The idea of ​​expanding the space had already been in talk for almost two years. Once certain renovations have been completed, the building should be able to be used for food storage at the end of August.

“We used our current storage space to its limits by expanding from the inside. We removed the offices, removed refrigerators, etc., sums up Jean Pellerin, chairman of the board of Moisson Mauricie-Center-du-Québec.

The team even rented space to compensate for the missing square feet. But with increasing demands for food aid, this temporary adjustment no longer held water. With financial assistance from the province, the acquisition of the building is really topical and will increase the area by 7000 square feet.

It was MNA for Trois-Rivières Jean Boulet who recently made the announcement on behalf of the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food André Lamontagne. The $ 225,000 envelope will be used to procure and furnish the new building. The amount comes from the infrastructure program of the Food Banks of Quebec network and is intended to allow the most urgent investments and to diagnose infrastructure needs.

“This new project has been awaited for many years by the Moisson MCDQ team. Our government has always been sensitive to better equipping food banks and I am an ardent advocate for them. They meet basic needs that are very present, especially “I’m proud of the investment that has been made to continue to improve the organization’s services and our social structure in Mauricie and Center-du-Québec,” said Jean Boulet, Minister. for Work, Employment and Social Solidarity, Minister for Immigration, Postage and Integration, also as a Member of Parliament for Trois-Rivières and Minister for Mauritius.

A new address that will facilitate operation

“The new location is well located, it is halfway between our two other service points. We are even considering undergoing some of our operations to locate them in this new space,” adds Jean Pellerin. Public assistance allows the expansion to take place as it Allocated amounts absorb 70% of the total planned costs, which range between $ 325,000 and $ 350,000.

As the lack of storage infrastructure represents one of the main obstacles to increasing the services provided, the government program supports the organization in its projects for the purchase of equipment (refrigeration and freezing facilities) or construction (conversion and expansion of premises or storage areas).

The Moisson Mauricie – Center-du-Québec will thus be able to recover and distribute more food to people in need of food aid. In addition to combating food insecurity and poverty, the network makes a major contribution to reducing food waste. “With the price increase we are observing, it is expected that the demand for food aid will continue to increase. We also aim to provide emergency assistance for this new area on rue Poisson, ”says the chairman of the organization’s board. According to the latest figures, the demand for food aid has increased by 30% in recent months.

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