The cheapest car insurance: what criteria?

Insurance is good, it is better to pay the right price! In France, it is mandatory to insure your vehicle. Unfortunately, prices can vary greatly depending on the year, mileage and especially the insurance company. Fortunately, there are some tips to save money.

Taking advantage of a cheap car insurance is the dream of many motorists. Admittedly, finding car insurance at the best price is not always an easy task. However, it is possible to save money on your contributions!

How can you save money on your car insurance?

Young driver, disabled driver, owner of a family car … Regardless of status, everyone’s goal is of course to find an insurance contract at the best price. Prices naturally vary depending on different criteria such as vehicle type or make. Obviously, you are not paying the same premium for a small city car as for a luxury 4×4. Still, there are a few tricks to making big savings.

Use an online insurance comparator

The best way to compete with car insurance quotes online is to go through a comparator. This type of tool allows you to Compare quotes from multiple insurance companies in minutes. This type of platform generally works with many car insurance companies. A great way to find insurance at the best price.

Even better, according to an Ipsos study, Going through an online comparator saves an average of € 360 a year on the size of your contributions with the same guarantees. All you have to do is fill out a form to find out what your needs are. The comparator then offers you the car insurance quote tailored to your profile and your vehicle.

Then just compare the price, the deductible and the guarantees that the different insurance companies offer. Once you have found an interesting offer, you can contact the chosen insurance company.

Choose a third party insurance

There are traditionally three types of formulas to insure your vehicle: third-party insurance, third-party insurance plus and all-risk insurance. Of course, you will not be covered in the same way depending on the formula chosen. If the third-party formula is the one that covers you the least, it remains per. definition, the cheapest. You should know that the latter covers all bodily injuries and property damage that you may inflict on a third party in a responsible accident.

It also covers civil liability and in most cases includes legal protection. However, this formula does not cover damage caused by your vehicle in the event of vandalism, theft, fire, disaster or broken glass. This insurance is therefore preferable if you have an older vehicle (or are already damaged), if you are a young driver or if you are a “little wheelwright”.

Consider per-mile insurance

Another way to save money is with mileage insurance. In fact, if you are a “little rider”, there is no need to spend a fortune on kilometers that will never be reached. If you choose car insurance per kilometer, you will be able to lower the price of your contributions. There are two types of formulas for this insurance.

On the one hand, there is mileage insurance. This means that you pay your car insurance premium monthly according to the number of kilometers driven. This formula is very interesting for those who are really small riders. If you drive more often, you will not be able to take advantage of this offer. The second type of mileage insurance is the mileage package. This offer is very common based on a fixed rate of between 4,000 and 20,000 kilometers per year.

Choose insurance without administrative fees

When signing a new insurance contract, some companies use the option to charge administration fees to their new customers. It is therefore always important to When signing your contract, make sure it does not include these administration fees your contributions or perhaps negotiate a discount with your insurance company.

This can sometimes be daunting, yet their service is just as impeccable. Online insurance companies will often allow you to save money on your contract. The reason ? Since these are 100% digital, everything is dematerialized. You will thus not be charged for costs associated with the management of the premises as for a traditional agency.

Moreover, there is no middleman, you do not have to pay commission on your contracts. Rest assured, online insurance companies guarantee you the same formulas as a traditional company. In addition to the financial aspect, you save time by choosing insurance online, as everything is done by phone or online.

Car insurance: Add and remove warranties and additional options

Additional guarantees are not mandatory when signing an insurance contract. You can therefore decide whenever you want to add or remove them. If they can be useful, they are not crucial and therefore help you achieve additional savings. With these you will be able to cover your equipment, your passengers and yourself!

As you probably understand, there are different ways to save money on your car insurance contract. It is therefore important to define your needs and then let the comparator do its part to help you find the best deal. Note that to perform a simulation at the point of comparison, enter your driver history (bonus malus, seniority, etc.), characteristics of your vehicle, your habits (frequency of use). You will also need your driving license, registration certificate and your car insurance information.

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