PS5: Several refills should take place this week!

Good deal PS5: Several refills should take place this week!

Despite constant production, the PlayStation 5 is still just as hard to find. The lack still affects the world of technology ‘, and this is especially reflected in the Sony console. The filling continues, however, and more could well arrive this week!

Since its launch in late 2020, Sony’s console has never been easy to find. Between its success and the lack of semiconductors particularly linked to the COVID crisis, stores will never have had such a hard time getting consoles for sale.


  • What is the best way to get your PS5
  • PS5s in stock this week?

PlayStation 5 represents a wide range of important innovations for the gaming world and above all a great gaming experience.

It also allows you to play in 4K 120 fps on your TV and even access the famous Ray Tracing!

If Sony has managed to delight its fans with distinctive level and game quality, the company has not been able to keep up the pace.

Between third-party sellers, where scalpers are included, who resell the consoles far above its base price (counts around 300-400 € more) without quality assurance and the rather rare rebuilding of official stores, you have to make a choice.

Buy a PS5 from third-party sellers (beware, the price can bite!)

But with a little patience, we can always come across a refill at the right time to enjoy the PS5 at the right price and under the best conditions!

What is the best way to get your PS5

With such a demand, it is important to be patient, but also to prepare your strategy!

It is actually possible to maximize your chances of getting this coveted console during refilling and therefore at its true price.

Inventory replenishments are often low quantities (in any case insufficient for demand), and with the influx of customers undermining the servers, you will only have a short time to validate your order.

Therefore, you need to minimize the number of actions to be performed. If you can just put the product in the shopping cart and click pay, you will do extremely well.

To do this, create an account with the various retailers, validate this account and add your means of payment. This will save you precious clicks (and seconds) that can make all the difference.

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PS5s in stock this week?

More releases should take place this week if we are to believe the rumors!

As always, every time a rumor is confirmed or a stock shows up, an article will be created on this page, to inform you as soon as possible about the availability of the console, so stay tuned.

This week, several major retailers are expected to receive inventory. Some may offer it in a package of accessories, games or even televisions, as practice has become commonplace in recent times.

PS5 at Amazon: Prime subscription

Our sources indicate a potential return to stock during the week and more precisely this Wednesday.

On the other hand, Amazon reserves PS5 sales to its Amazon Prime customers. So if you want to get a console, we can only advise you to contact this subscription. It’s all the more effective as it’s free for 30 days, so you can cancel it once your console is purchased, if it does not suit you!

Enjoy Amazon Prime for free for 30 days

Large stocks at Cdiscount?

Through this shortcoming, Cdiscount is one of the merchants that had the largest stocks available and it seems to be confirmed again! Apparently a good stock will arrive this week, potentially bundled with games or accessories.

See PS5 shares at Cdiscount

Fnac: a return to the stock of the PS5?

According to our information, a store sale was to take place soon. It was to take place as usual at 11 o’clock, subject to a physical seller.

See PS5 shares at Fnac

Carrefour finds shares of PS5?

Still within the realm of the possible, a sale could very well take place soon at Carrefour!

It will probably take the form of a package, but at the moment the information needs to be confirmed.

PS5 stock in store and online for Micromania?

Micromania is one of the retailers specializing in video games, so it’s not surprising to see stock there!

It looks like the company’s stores may be filling up this week, and there’s even stock for an online sale.

See PS5 shares at Micromania

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