National Exam Session 2022: Second day of graduation, more than 200 phones seized.

Like the first day of the Baccalaureate single session 2022, calm and serenity marked this second day in all the country’s exam centers. To this peaceful climate comes respect for the provisions of the general examination regulations, but a few cases of elimination of candidates have been registered in Conakry and in certain prefectures.


145 telephones seized, of which 96 in the toilets, 35 during the searches and 14 in the classrooms. 21 candidates were dismissed for fraud, including 3 girls. 4 supervisors eliminated, 7 cases of resignation of candidates and 10 attempts to introduce telephones.


90 telephones seized and 17 detected cases of fraud registered in 5 investigation centers. These are the Nabaya 1 and 2 Centers for 12 cases, Elhadj MBemba Touré 2 cases, Lycée Marien NGouabi 2 cases and Nourdine Islam 1 cases. The dismissed candidates were taken in the process of carrying and using telephones in the examination rooms. They have been eliminated and will lose two school years.

Among them :

  • Aboubacar Fofana PV 240683
  • Adama Oularé PV 241043
  • Abdouramane Gouressy PV 240573
  • Aly Keita PV 241773
  • Alseny Cake PV 241633
  • Amara Saran Kourouma PV 242223
  • Abdouramane Traore PV 240603
  • Seinkou Kaba PV 240623
  • Aboubacar Condé PV 240653
  • Bangaly Kourouma PV 194902 or Bangaly PV 195112


8 cases of exclusion for carrying and using telephones and documents and for substitution. These frauds took place in 3 research centers: Bathè Soumah, Saint David and Future generation. The candidates in question were eliminated and made available to the security services for investigative purposes. They are :

Bathè Soumah Center:

  • Djaka Keita PV 310773
  • Djenabou Barry PV 311003
  • Doussou Kallo PV 311333
  • EL Hamidou Diallo 311453

Saint David Center:

  • Oumar Sylla PV 278,822 free candidate

Future Generation Center:

  • Carlos Sangbe PV 161151
  • Bountouraby Camara PV 161071
  • Catherine Balamou PV 161161

These fraudulent graduates all take the social science opportunity.


At the General Lansana CONTE 1 Exam Center, the graduate was Fatoumata Sangaré, Science Mathematics Option PV 4822, Alhassane Camara Science Mathematics PV 1532 Room 2, Mamadou Aliou Sow Science Mathematics Option PV 2552 Room 5, Younoussa Camara Science Mathematics in examination rooms by supervisors. They were immediately eliminated and made available to the security services.


At the Konkola Exam Center, 4 graduates were eliminated for exchanging notebooks. They lose this year and next session.

They are :

  • Mamadou bhoye Diallo PV 371963, school of origin: GS siradio Diallo standard
  • Mamadou bhoye souare PV 371983, school of origin: GS Siradio diallo standard
  • Mamadou mouctar Diallo PV 372243, school of origin: Lycée Général Lansana Conté
  • Mamadou moudjitaba bah PV 372253, school of origin: Lycée Général Lansana Conté


At the Alpha Yaya DIALLO High School, one graduate uses 2 names at a time. Baba Doukoure and Lancey Kourouma. The candidate admitted to being Lancey Kourouma, but he used his friend BABA Doukouré’s card to graduate. After research, this student is rather Baba Doukouré on the Nadjikan Traoré school group. He was arrested for forgery and forgery and is in the hands of the security services for investigation.


The candidate Nana Touré option Social Science, PV 62003 room 9 was eliminated for fraud. She was wearing some papers in the exam room. She loses this year and next session.


Mamadou Bacirou Bah PV 58841 candidate eliminated for carrying documents at EP Hamdallaye center. The two supervisors Boubacar Biro Barry and Fassou Kaoul Délamou are all from the private sector. They were fired and replaced. They will not be associated with the management of exams for the next two years.


The candidate Mariama Ciré Camara option social sciences, PV 359353 was eliminated for carrying and using a telephone in the Koutoubou Center. It was made available to the security services for investigative purposes. She loses the 2 school years.


Graduates Alphonse Kolamou PV 319842 and Jean Bamba PV 320642 were eliminated for carrying and using phones at the Woroyapo College Exam Center. They have been made available to the security services for investigation and are losing not only this year but also next year. The two supervisors were also fired due to frivolity and replaced. They are: Félicité Kolié registration number 299275L; Yokohama 1 Doré registration number 219998E

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Kadiatou Barry for 224infos

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