Formula 1 | Sainz thinks he could have won without the safety car

Carlos Sainz was very close to victory at the Canadian Grand Prix. The Ferrari driver had not finished so close to a success since the Italian Grand Prix in 2020, and he is happy to have had a very good pace throughout the race behind Max Verstappen.

“It was an intense and difficult battle with Max” confirmed Sainz. “I knew I had a little more pace than him from the start of the race and I think I was five or six laps behind him on deck. But to overtake here, you have to go beyond those two or three-tenths. “

“I gave it my all. I risked it all on the curb, close to the wall and had a few borderline moments in the dirty air. I came close a few times, but not enough to really make an inside attack. But I can tell you that I pushed. “

A careful tire bet at the end of the race

Ferrari did not dare put medium or soft tires on Sainz during the last stop as he thought there would be about twenty laps to complete after the restart. Eventually the safetycare stayed on the track for a long time and there were only 16 left, but the Spaniard understands Ferrari’s caution.

“The safety car was out a little longer than I thought or the team thought. When the green flag came out, there were only about 16 laps left, which was the right number of laps try to put the soft tires on, and try to pass Max, then he warmed up his hard tires. “

“Now that’s easy to say. At the time, with about 20 more laps left, the hard tire was definitely the fastest opportunity to get to the finish line, especially knowing that it was a little fresher harder than Max. It’s a shame. “

Like Verstappen, Sainz believes he would have had a better chance of victory without the safety car, simply attempting a pitfall to his rivals’ two: “I think without the safety car, as Max said, he would not have been able to catch me easily.”

“I think it would have been a good fight in the end. When he caught up with me, I was ready to fight until the checkered flag. I was at the right pace, I was still 1’17.3. And I think we could have been ahead until goal. “

No problems with grips in dirty air

The Spaniard is happy to have had a very easy to handle Ferrari, including when he followed Red Bull less than a second and his tires were overheated. He confirms having done everything possible, but he lacked a bit of performance to get the win.

Without DRS it is impossible, because DRS affects you a lot, especially on this circuit where you can not have different lines. There are only harassment and you have nowhere to put your wing in front to prevent understeer and overheating of the tires .

“But still I was satisfied and sure to be in the dirty air. I managed to stay 16 laps in the DRS zone even when I was overheated. I was able to close the third lap as soon as the DRS opened up, and then it was a matter of cooling the tires and regenerating the battery to really drain it by trapping it. “

“Like I said, I gave it my all. Against Red Bull we were faster, I think we were the whole race. It’s the first time this season that I can say I was the fastest man on the field.”

“It gives me a bit of confidence and hope for the next races. But two or three tenths is not enough to overtake a Red Bull, you have to spend more than five, six tenths of a difference in pace if you really want one. chance to pass Max. “

Sainz finds confidence and the limit in F1-75

After several difficult races and a series of accidents, Sainz advances to his second podium in three races and regains confidence in his Ferrari. The games at the start of the season are moving away and he feels able to find the limit at F1-75.

“I hope so, but as I said a few races ago, I will take it more as it comes, not thinking too much about the championship or anything else. I really want to focus on the track and see if I can get a good one. performance and comfort in the car. “

“This weekend I was very fast from FP1, and both in qualifying and in the race. In the race, I pushed hard without being afraid of losing the car, as I had done in Barcelona, ​​for example.”

“We also made good progress. We changed a few things on the car to try to make it a little more to my liking and it seems to work. But at the same time I think I need more circuits., I have need several different types of turns to get a real feel for it. “

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