Earth from Another Sun raises $ 4.5 million for a sandboxed Space Conquest game

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Earth From Another Sun (EFAS) has raised $ 4.5 million in funding to create its sandbox space exploration game. It is one of many blockchain games going on in the gaming industry, but it has been under development for a while and has paying players.

Funding came from Solana Ventures, Alameda Research and Lightspeed.


EFAS has a team of game veterans from Riot Games, Gameloft, Disney Interactive, Kylotonn, IGG,
and the perfect world.

Space conquest sandbox Earth From Another Sun already has over 10,000 paying players in closed alpha after three and a half years of development, all of whom are mainstream PC gamers who have paid between $ 30 and $ 250 for early access to gambling.

Building on a crypto-powered Web3 infrastructure allows players to enjoy a new level of ownership and freedom, which until the last few years was a rarity in the gaming industry.

Earth From Another Sun is in a paid pre-alpha.

“We have always been a studio that has relentlessly focused on creating great gameplay, on creating ‘fun’. What Web3 allows us to do is share the revenue from the game with the players who made it popular,” says the studio’s founder. Freeman Fan in a statement.

EFAS promises players an action-packed first-person shooter experience in a multiplayer “living, breathing galaxy” filled with colossal armies of 1,000 soldiers clashing on the battlefield. Players will travel to the stars, trade and extract resources, create ships and modules, and work together to build an ever-expanding universe.

Each non-player character (NPC) in EFAS has their own AI-driven aspirations that interact with the player in unpredictable and new ways, the company said.

Fan added: “” When I was growing up, I loved watching the fight segments in the best sci-fi movies. We thought about
ourselves, it would be cool if we could play as the soldiers who stormed into the Battle of Naboo, in an immersive first-person show. We wanted the players to feel like they were fighting in the matches of the future.

efas 3
Earth From Another Sun uses the Solana blockchain.

The game’s open world is a test site for Solana’s low transaction fees and power efficiency, the company said. A completely user-generated economy pushes the action forward with meaningful quests, loot-shooter mechanics and a range of user-friendly design tools, the company said.

EFAS players can collaborate to repeat their gaming experience – or design their own art assets
from zero.

EFAS uses a “live service” model, which means that the game is constantly evolving. New updates will be
introduce gear, loot, enemies, quests and NPCs to bring an increasingly complete experience. A modular character progression system allows players to shape their characters and their destinies. Will they become a legendary military commander, build their own colonial empire or become a criminal lord in the star system? EFAS said that anything was possible.

“We will not stop until EFAS is as popular as the biggest games, like GTA, World of Warcraft or The Elder Scrolls. But once we get there, we will not stop either,” said Fan.

And the company has more games on the way.

“Earth From Another Sun will be a franchise with many exciting titles on the way, possibly with different main characters and gameplay genres,” Fan said. “Maybe the next part will be a survival game or maybe a first-person RTS game. We are not sure yet, but we are testing with prototypes.

Blockchain technology is creating a new way of playing for the gaming community. Players can create and swap their own unique NFTs to generate real income while playing. Players themselves will reap the benefits of revenue sharing as EFAS grows in popularity.

“Most blockchain games have difficulty appealing to mainstream gamers due to their limited playability and production quality. EFAS solves this problem with superior gameplay and UGC tools that allow gamers to create immersive content and experiences. At Lightspeed we believe that Freeman and his team have the right experience to live up to that promise and that EFAS can become one of the bigger blockchain games, ”said Ravi Mhatre, a Lightspeed partner, in a statement.

efas 2
Earth From Another Sun will soon drop its NFTs.

This is the study’s third title. The company said the money will accelerate the development and acquisition of EFAS ‘closed alpha when it’s on its way to release. EFAS is looking for the first EFAS NFT
drop, which was soon to be launched.

The team has 20 players. It plans to launch the first version of the “play and win” mode towards the end of this year; the rest of the game (which is still under development) has been available for some time now as a paid closed alpha.

Given the opposition of some players and game developers to blockchain games, Fan said in an email to GamesBeat that the company had a discussion with its community about crypto because it did not want them to learn new things, aspects of the game via media. article on financing.

“So we wrote a detailed explanation of what it means for them that EFAS has Play & Earn and NFT,” Fan said. “We answered all their doubts and questions before they even had a chance to worry and the result was excellent. The community has been very understanding and supportive and only about a dozen players have decided to leave our Discord.

Inspiration comes from games like Mount & Blade, Borderlands and Sea of ​​Thieves, Fan said.

“The game is about life in a galaxy at war and the opportunities that arise. Do you want to be a merchant, a pirate, a warrior, a leader, a diplomat …? Said Fan.” It’s about living out that fantasy, which is depicted in shows like Star Trek, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica and Firefly. Continue to explore and plunder with friends, lead rebel factions or rule a planet, perhaps even the entire galaxy.

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