Auto. Sébastien Loeb shakes GMK youtuberen in his BMW

GMK is a well-known guy on YouTube (where he has 1.6 million subscribers) and on Instagram (2.7 million subscribers), where he talks about his passion for big, beautiful cars. Georges Maroun Kikano, that’s his real name, became famous by presenting luxury sedans to his subscribers, sedans, which he also finances thanks to the wealth he inherited from his father, but also thanks to his activity on social networks and the new companies , he has created. .

GMK likes to invite celebrities and let them try out its powerful cars. Sometimes the guest sits on the passenger side and GMK gives him some driving sensations. His car fleet includes an Audi RS6-R ABT C8, a BMW M4 Competition, a Mercedes AMG C63 Black Series, an R8 V10 … Recently, the man got a big hit by letting Prince Albert of Monaco drive his Mercedes (almost 1, 7 million views) on YouTube).

New high point on his YouTube channel with a video uploaded on June 18 (and already seen 1.2 million times). At the wheel of the GMK “M4”, a prestigious guest: Alsace Sébastien Loeb, nine-time WRC world champion in rally. A “very special” guest, i.e. GMK, who “does him the honor” of appearing in one of his videos. “He is one of the best known characters in France and even in the world in his field!” Launches the videographer, who also pays tribute to a man “who has been successful and who remains humble, modest, kind …” .

Suggestive title on the video: GMK almost “broke up” with Sébastien Loeb at the wheel.

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“We take a ride with Seb! The powerful car (510 hp, even 530 …) got on the roads of the principality. Straight the winding road La Turbie, where GMK is used to making his videos. Sébastien Loeb talks about his feelings at the wheel, he finds the M4 “comfortable to drive”. He explains how it works, a rally. We do reconnaissance on the track, we take notes, we “describe the way to [sa] way ”and then we dictate it to the co-pilot. Afterwards, “we drive full throttle, that’s the complexity of the rally”. Loeb talks about his career, rally-raid (Dakar), which he got into.

Arrival by helicopter

We learn that the rally champion came to visit GMK by helicopter, that he landed at Monaco heliport. “It’s a passion, and it’s a practical way, too,” Loeb says. I love the sensations. Many autopilots have switched to helicopters. We have a sense of driving finesse … ”We also learn that GMK and Sébastien Loeb have the same watch (an expensive Richard Mille).
The miles follow each other and Loeb presses on the sponge, which seems to disturb his passages, which still hold a face, that’s the principle of these videos: “I’m calm with a pilot like you!”. A camera films the clear impression of speed outside … The car “drives well”, says Loeb with a small ironic smile: “But you have to be careful, it is playful, like a car! It has a big torque on the rear wheels .. . ”.

And “Lambo”, and McLaren, and Audi RS6 …

The Alsace champion describes at the invitation of GMK his collection of cars. “Ferrari, Lambo, McLaren, I like …” We learn that he owns a McLaren Type 75, “excellent car”, “super chassis”. But also a “Lambo” (understand Lamborghini) STO Huracan, an Audi RS6 … and an “R5 Turbo 1”: “I’ve had it since I was 30. I do not use it often. At that time it was a car that made me dream … “

GMK rages about the driver’s turn, a “smooth” turn that makes the car “slip”. Sébastien Loeb talks about his passion for motorsport, his luck in being able to live out this passion. “I do WRC from time to time, I’m lucky to be able to afford it, to still have offers. I participate in the world championship in rally-raid. I go extremely, in an electric car, something new, innovative … ”The driver has also launched an NFT collection online; fans can win baptisms in a “helicopter”, rides with him …

The two men stop at the roadside to comment on the aggressive line in the GMK car. And we understand that they will establish partnerships together. It was a “friends” video.

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