Roasted poultry, refusal to comply, hash in the hedge … Briefly about the weekend’s various facts in Auvergne

A car on fire at the Galaxy in Clermont-Ferrand

Firefighters intervened to put out a burning car on Friday, June 17, shortly before midnight. The vehicle was parked on rue Descartes, in front of the Galaxie buildings. Police who went to the scene launched an investigation.

Convicted two weeks ago, Clermontois is arrested again

Suspected of selling cannabis to a customer, a 21-year-old Clermontois was arrested by the anti-crime brigade on Thursday, June 16, around 1 p.m. 18, rue du Torpilleur-Sirocco. In a hedge, near the place of his arrest, they discovered 67 grams of resin. The young man was in possession of € 900. Police found 400 grams of weeds during a search of his father’s apartment. Clermontois was remanded in custody. Referred Saturday, June 18, to Clermont’s prosecution, he will be prosecuted, Monday, in immediate action for drug smuggling. On June 3, he received three months probation for assaulting a municipal police officer in civilian clothes in the lobby of his building, rue du Torpilleur-Sirocco.

Suspected trailer theft in Clermont-Ferrand

A 36-year-old man was arrested Friday, June 17, on Boulevard Delattre-de-Tassigny in Clermont-Ferrand. He allegedly smashed a car window with an iron bar to steal various items. Placed in police custody, the suspect would also be the perpetrator of another theft committed on Tuesday, June 14, rue des Plats. This time he would have used a manhole cover to break the ice on a vehicle. He will be brought to justice.

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In Ambert, attempts to escape and rebel

During the night from Saturday to Sunday, around midnight, the soldiers of the PSIG of Ambert and the community of brigades of the Olliergues sought to arrest a vehicle driving at excessive speed in the streets of Ambert. The 21-year-old driver then refused to comply and then tried to fall back towards the police vehicle. When he was arrested, it turned out that he was driving under the influence of alcohol. An analysis to confirm whether he was under the influence of drugs is underway. The driver from Amber will later be called in to find out the legal answer to these facts.

Still in Ambert, the same night, but around 2 a.m., another man in his twenties was arrested after a shop window was vandalized on rue de la République. He would have shown rebellion, indignation or even violence against the police.


Sixty poultry perish in a fire in Lurcy-Lévis

A fire broke out in an agricultural shed overnight from Saturday to Sunday. About sixty poultry perished in this building with an area of ​​about 80 square meters. 100 square feet of vegetation also burned. Firefighters from Lurcy-Lévis, Veurdre, Sancoins and Bourbon-L’Archambault prevented the fire from spreading to a neighboring house. Bourbon-L’Archambault gendarmes, who were alerted around noon. 01.40, also intervened.

Champagnat-le-Jeune: in police custody for use of an alarm pistol and racist insults

On Saturday around 22.45 the gendarmes from DGE and PSIG in Issoire, under the command of Commander Garcin, arrested a man in his sixties in the town of Champagnat-le-Jeune. The mobilization of the military came after a dispute between two residents. The situation would have risen a notch after the 60-year-old uttered racist insults and fired into the air using an alarm pistol. Arrested in the premises of the Brassac-les-Mines Gendarmerie, the man would have acknowledged the facts. Another gun of the same type was seized from his home. Released on Sunday afternoon, he will soon be summoned to the prosecutor’s delegate as a reminder of the law.

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The affected cars were parked in Clermont-Ferrand

Three cars parked on rue de Serbe in the center of Clermont-Ferrand were hit by a female driver at 7am on Sunday 19 June. The motorist who was brought to the police station seemed drunk and could not blow into the breathalyzer. Taken to the hospital for a blood test, she must return to the police station to be heard by police. Meanwhile, his driver’s license has been revoked.

By quad on the tram track in Clermont-Ferrand

Bicycles, scooters, motorcycles are not allowed on the tram lines in Clermont-Ferrand, more than quads. Therefore, on Saturday, June 18 at 10pm, it is to make this 15-year-old teenager caught driving between the tram rails, on Avenue de la République, on the steering wheel of a four-wheeled car, that the police check. Hi M. He allegedly used lack of gas as an excuse to justify his presence on the road … Police seized the quad to place it in the pound. This would have dissatisfied the teenager, who would have lost his temper with the officials. He outraged them and beat one of the police officers. Placed in police custody, he came out with a subpoena in court. He is charged with contempt, violence against police and possession of narcotics (he was in possession of 3g of cannabis herbs).

Theft of tablets in Clermont-Ferrand

A customer at the Auchan hypermarket, north of Clermont-Ferrand, was arrested on Saturday 18 June for stealing a 260-euro tablet. Two days earlier, this forty would have stolen two other tablets (710 euros). He will be brought to justice.

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In Maurs, the car across National, the drunk driver

The gendarmes were called around noon. 06.15 Sunday 19 June: a white van hit stone arches on RN 122 that crossed the town of Maurs. The vehicle stopped across the road and the 28-year-old driver drove to a nearby bar to be examined. The young woman tested positive for alcohol and cannabis. Wounded in one foot, she was transported to Aurillac Hospital Center. She was then to be taken care of by the gendarmes in charge of the investigation. In particular, a window was damaged.

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