plane, boat, car or train?

You want to go to Venice. This city in eastern Italy is accessible by train, car, plane, but also by boat. In this article, we are going to review the different means of transportation with their pros and cons.

The best: Venice by train

Venice is accessible by train from many European capitals. Traveling by train is the cheapest way to get to Venice, but also one of the fastest. You can book your tickets in advance online to take advantage of the best prices. The journey takes about 10 hours from Paris and costs just over € 100. You take the TGV to Milan, and then an Italian train will provide the connection between Milan and Venice.

If you want to make the most of this mythical journey, you can take the Orient Express. A trip with this luxury train is an unforgettable experience. The price of a cottage is several thousand euros, so it is not necessarily within everyone’s reach. But you will really enjoy a good time in this beautifully decorated train from the company Belmont.

The fastest: Venice by plane

Venice is also accessible by plane from several European capitals. The Paris-Venice flight takes around 1.30 with the airline Easyjet or even Air France. If you travel in the spring or summer, flights are usually cheaper (around € 150). The main advantage of this solution is still that the flight allows you to get there faster than by train, which is very convenient if you are going to the city of Doge for a short stay. By plane, it is quite possible to go to Venice just for the weekend. It is possible to fly to Venice from Paris, Marseille and Nice.

When you arrive at Venice Marco Polo Airport, you can take the vaporetto, taxi or bus to the city center. Boat transfer takes about twenty minutes. It is very pleasant to discover Venice from the lagoon.

It is also possible to land at Treviso Airport, which is a good hour’s drive from Venice. It’s not necessarily very convenient, but if you can not find a direct flight to Venice, it is an option to consider.

Cheapest: Venice by car

You can also drive to Venice from several cities in Europe. If the journey is long enough, the car is still an excellent option to arrive in Venice without consuming, especially if you are traveling with your family. From Paris there are more than 1,100 km and therefore more than 10 hours drive. You will have to cross the Alps, where car traffic is sometimes a bit complicated.

To get to the city of Venice by car, you must pass through Turin or Milan before arriving in eastern Italy. Please note that traffic on Italian motorways is sometimes heavy. You must park outside Venice. It is impossible to drive in the city. The streets are not wide enough to allow the passage of cars. If you do not like to walk, Venice is probably a destination to avoid because you can easily walk 10 km during the day between your hotel and the various tourist sites.

The most touristy: Venice by boat

Many Mediterranean cruises stop in Venice every week. Venice is a popular stopover for tourists. You will not have time to visit the city in one day, but it will still allow you to enjoy its special atmosphere. You can visit one of the many museums in the city.

The arrival of cruise ships to the city is also a very controversial topic for the local people who blame the giants of the seas for destroying the lagoon. Venice’s foundation is quite old and fragile. Boats tend to damage them by creating very strong currents. However, these millions of tourists represent an economically unexpected for the city. You will enjoy arriving in Venice by boat. The city is truly beautiful when it is discovered little by little on the horizon.

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