Google has a different map system than Maps and you do not know it

News hardware Google has a different map system than Maps and you do not know it

Dynamic World is a powerful satellite imaging tool that Google reserves for scientists and professionals. It shows the state of the earth around the world with an accuracy of 10 meters.

If Google Maps is a mapping system that serves all travelers around the world, Dynamic World has meanwhile a completely different goal. This tool was developed by the Mountain View company offers a real-time view of land use across the entire planet.

Designed in collaboration with WRI (World Resources Institute)Dynamic World is based, like Google Maps, on Google Earth engines. In addition a powerful machine learning technology, AI Platformwho is responsible for cross-checking information provided daily by a satellite to project land use on a map with an accuracy of the order of 10 meters.

A beautiful view of Europe.

What is Dynamic World for?

IN a blog post published June 9 and named “Land cover data is now in real time”Tanya Birch, Senior Program Manager at Google Earth Outreach, explains that the tool meets a very specific need: to follow the evolution of the earth’s ground cover day by day. “Our planet is changing dramatically in ways that are visible even from space”, she notes. Whether we’re talking about change due to environmental disturbances or human activity, there is enough to transform the landscape every day : fires, floods, deforestation, urban development, etc.

“Detailed information on these changes and their impact on humans, climate and ecosystems can help governments and researchers develop useful solutions and minimize their impact on issues such as climate change, food insecurity and biodiversity loss.”adds the engineer.

From August to September 2021, the devastation of the fires in California represented by Dynamic World.

Google has a different map system than Maps and you do not know itGoogle has a different map system than Maps and you do not know it

And this is where Dynamic World comes into the picture: The processing of information collected by the artificial intelligence on this platform makes it possible to update the land cover map in “near real time” and on a global scale.

An astronomical amount of data

While the vast majority of cartographic solutions confine themselves to assigning a single type of soil event to a given area – for example, a forest, a city, fields, or even snow – Dynamic World is able to show more of them. The teams working on the tool have identified nine “critical” land cover types : water, flooded vegetation, built-up areas, trees, crops, bare soil, grass, shrubs and snow / ice.

“Dynamic World uses artificial intelligence and cloud computing to detect combinations of different land cover types and draw conclusions about the probability that each of the nine types is present in each pixel of a satellite image”explains Tanya Birch. The result is therefore surgically accurate.

These two images from Dynamic World show the evolution of the Taal volcano and its surroundings after its eruption in January 2020 in the Philippines.

Google has a different map system than Maps and you do not know itGoogle has a different map system than Maps and you do not know it

To achieve such a level of rendering and above all to be able to ensure daily updates, Dynamic World’s artificial intelligence analyzes in detail almost 5,000 satellite images provided by Copernicus Sentinel-2 every day. 5,000 images may not seem like much to digest daily for an AI, but when you know itone pixel of each image corresponds to more than 100 m² of land on the ground, it still represents a lot of information to be processed. Currently, Google’s tool has a history dating back to June 2015 until ” two days ago “.

A powerful tool for decision makers

“With this information, people – like scientists and policy makers – can monitor and understand soil and ecosystems so they can make more accurate predictions and effective plans to protect our planet in the future.”says Tanya Birch. We can hope that such a tool can help to effectively anticipate certain environmental problems.. What is certain at the moment is that Dynamic World is the privileged witness to the changes, sometimes tragic, that are taking place on the surface of the globe.

If you want to discover Dynamic World for yourself, it is possible: a website provides access to ultra-accurate real-time mapping around the world. Good visit!

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