Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: open world, content, scenario … Players’ high expectations!

Play news Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: open world, content, scenario … Players’ high expectations!

With the latest information on Final Fantasy 16, we did not expect to hear about the Final Fantasy 7 Remake sequel at some point. And yet, the original game recently celebrated its 25th anniversary with a dedicated event … The event could not miss the long-awaited sequel to the remake, and it was there for that reason. Something to arouse the expectations of FF7 Remake fans, which we have gathered for you!


  • Kingdom Hearts scenario or back to basics?
  • Open world and XXL content
  • A real PS5 game

With millions of sales and rave reviews, the Final Fantasy VII Remake has had a profound impact on the FF ecosystem. By reaching both fans of the original game and the uninitiated, the title broke Square Enix’s records and expectations. So right after the release of FF7 Remake, everyone was already wondering when the sequel would come. The developers had actually chosen to cut the introductory game into several parts, with the first stopping at Midgar’s gates. We expected to see the sequel in 2024 or even 2025. But Square Enix gave us a nice gift for FF7’s anniversary: ​​a trailer and a release window closer than expected for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. It is during the winter of 2023 that we will be able to find Cloud and his gang to follow their new adventures. A news that has spellbound more than one, and which opens the door to the craziest theories and expectations, but also to some concerns.

Kingdom Hearts scenario or back to basics?

If on the gameplay side, Final Fantasy 7 Remake no longer has much to prove, this is not necessarily true in terms of the scenario. The developers took great liberties with the original story. If some had a hard time getting used to it, others appreciated the surprise effect and expect to be at least as much with this Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. This is especially the case FrantzRogeon on Twitter: “Of course I would not mind that the sequel is a replica / remake of the original game, but what they teased / started at the end of the 1st also excites me a lot. I really like the idea of ​​not knowing where it’s going. “ An opinion shared by cyanh who hopes “a renewed and somewhat different story from the original spirit”.

But the players actually disagree on this. Others are actually reluctant with the idea that the developers are changing the original scenario a little too much. Thereby, numb_ereleven concerns about the potential absence of a particularly crucial moment for players in Final Fantasy 7. Many of them are also afraid of discovering a scenario that is too complex and sometimes a little far out, like Kingdom Hearts: “please do not be too much meta in the scenario”tells us thus jadenicolas1. Unfortunately for them, the short trailer that was unveiled during the event suggests a story as enigmatic as it is complex as Tetsuya Nomura likes them.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: open world, content, scenario ... Players' high expectations!

Open world and XXL content

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: open world, content, scenario ... Players' high expectations!

Basically, there are many concerns. But on the form, the players are still pretty confident. Some who JulianMdtt, do not expect much from the game on this site, other than maintaining the level of FF7 Remake. The news on the gameplay and structure side would therefore only be a simple plus. Others would still like a game with a little more scope. About AlbashRide hoping for more freedom, Damien Mouniama imagine a sequel where we could regain the levels achieved during Remake while numb_ereleven would like more help and level content playoffs. On this, the balance is not easy to find, as some have also pointed to unnecessary side tasks that are already too many in FF7 Remake.

Overall, players hope to find the unique combat system that made the Final Fantasy 7 Remake so successful. The desired news is therefore limited to small additions or returns of essential elements of the original game. About Ganeshtwo therefore hopes for the arrival of Vincent Valentine, Binome7 already sees himself spending hours on the Gold Saucer (amusement park that allows you to play many mini-games). Note that some would also like Rebirth to offer a higher difficulty level from the first game. As a reminder, the hard mode of FF7 Remake is only unlocked when the main story is completed at least once.

A real PS5 game

One of the game’s promises, according to its director Naoki Hamaguchi, is to take full advantage of the PS5’s capabilities. (where the game will be released as a temporary exclusivity). It is therefore not surprising to see players expect a lot from it technically. passion_flo had been disappointed with the overall quality of the FF7 Remake, which was too uneven. So he hopes “a technique worthy of the release year of 100% of the game”. Note that gamers at the time had pointed the finger at the interGRADE version because it only half took into account the special conditions of the PS5. If Hamaguchi assured that this version served as training for the developers for a 100% PS5 rebirth, it is not surprising to see players worry about it.

But the idea of ​​one “real PS5 game” is something that is dissatisfied with some who, above all, hope for a real next-gen game that will be implemented on other platforms once the period of temporary exclusivity has passed. Therefore, like its predecessor, Rebirth was to be released on PC several months after the game’s release on PS5. But when it comes to Xbox consoles, there is plenty to worry about. KursedMan thus creating a legitimate expectation: to see the game land on Microsoft’s ecosystem. Unfortunately, the exclusive console may well stay with PlayStation for a while …

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: open world, content, scenario ... Players' high expectations!

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