Ten appointments for these on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 June in the metropolis of Clermont-Ferrand

In your calendars ?! Puy-de-Dôme is not stingy with entertainment for this weekend.

The whole weekend


Longues Festival

Flea market then music festival concerts arranged by City Hall.

On the square in the Longues shopping center, Cours de la République.

Saturday, June 18th


Archaeological: new path of interpretation at the Corent site

Site visits: 10.00, 11.00 and 16.30, Meet at the starting point of the visit. Free and without reservation.

20.00 concert by the Meïkhâneh group, songs and instruments from Mongolia and Persia, in the Roman theater, 1 route de Longues.

Oppidum on top of the Corent plateau. Archaeological site of the oppidum of Corent – Photo Francis Campagnoni

Clermont Ferrand

Runner: 47th edition of the Montée du puy de Dôme.

Registration: taken on site, in front of Minimes church, before kl. 15, or at fsgtpuydedome.wixsite.com/fsgt.

16.00 starts the 47th edition of the Montée du puy de Dôme, place de Jaude, of the 15.5 km event. Positive elevation of 1,050 m.

premium https://www.lamontagne.fr/clermont-ferrand-63000/sports/ultra-trail-une-auvergnate-explose-le-record-feminin-du-gr20-en-corse_14145055

Opera seeds: “We do not want to go to the Opera”

This opera tells the tales of a class and its mistress, who are to take part in a rehearsal of the opera. As the visit has been canceled, the mistress improvises an excursion in the woods, but faced with the students’ fallen faces, the bus driver decides to take them to the opera anyway. The students manage to get in by convincing the security guard that they are real artists, and the instructor involves them in the show being prepared.

Free access.

15.00, Opéra-Théâtre, 22 Boulevard Desaix.

Theater “The Joy of Love”

By the theater company “Le Valet de Coeur”

Sophie Faldin lives with her servant, Rosalie. Enter two men into their lives: Victor Grouillot, young and boiling coquebin, and Doctor Somnol, a teenager extended to nearly sixty. Sophie has made openness to life a way of life. He is a generous and tonic creature. Will she give in to Victor? Will she invite Gustave? Or…”

Admission: from 8 to 16 euros.

20.30 in the Valet de Coeur Theater, 8 rue Antoine d’Auvergne.

Theater “a world of possibilities”

By Camille Gauvin.

Directed by Cheyril Maskell (Eukaryote Theater)

By Vice Versa Theater Troupe of Clermont-Ferrand

At the end of each crisis, there must be a resumption of growth. At the end of each period of introspection, you have to open up to the world! To revive and revive the economy, we must consume. Buy, renew, have fun forgetting our mortality. Spending without thinking about tomorrow, because maybe there will not be! The AAA agency is there to help you sell whatever product you have: a luxury car, an innovative gadget, a grandmother … we find the buyers. We want to entice the customer with our unstoppable slogans.

Admission from 8 to 10 euros.

21.00, Petit Théâtre de Vallières & Vice Versa 1, rue Volney.

Vis Atelier glares de nuit: “Les Diablogues”

Diablogues are texts in which the unusual, the comic, the absurd, even the fantastic coexist. Only the language, maintained by two characters, One and Two, makes the environment in which they develop exist. How do we make this world of comic words and situations exist on stage that makes us laugh at their inability to take place in our real world?

Admission from 4.50 to 9 euros (free – 10 years).

Information and reservations: Théâtre Jour & Nuit: 06 82 02 21 16

20.30, La Petite Gaillarde, 9, rue Abbé-Banier.

Dance: It’s in dance

From classical to hip hop, from modern to jazz, from traditional dance to musical comedy, all styles are in the spotlight on these shows offered by Madeline Izoulet-Réant and the conservatory’s teachers and interpreted by the conservatory’s students. .

Free access.

20.30, Maison de la culture, rue Abbé-de-l’Épée.


school party

From kl.show and dance party with DJ Mat, at Nohanent Puy Valeix Sports Area.

Sunday, June 19th

Clermont Ferrand

Family sports: “It’s Sunday”

Arranged by the city of Clermont-Ferrand and partner sports associations.

A relaxed afternoon with the family, and to introduce you to a new discipline under the guidance of sports educators.

From 2.30 pm to 5 pm at André-Autun Gymnasium, rue du Torpilleur Sirocco.

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