Review Vol.10 Sailor Moon – Eternal Edition – Manga

The hour of the last battle has come for Sailor Moon, who one after another has lost all his precious companions as well as his dear Mamoru. Her mission is clear: she now has no choice but to travel to the cave of the Galaxy to defeat her, perhaps to find a way to save all her lost comrades and offer herself a future in her and everyone else. Especially accompanied by Starlights and by the still enigmatic Chibi-Chibi, she asks Princess Kakyû to guide her to their last enemy, in a very special cave: in the heart of Alpha Sagittarii, the center of the galaxy, where Zero Star of Sagittarius is. The place where astral bodies are born, the cradle of the Earth and other planets, where all Star Seeds come from. Where everything is born and disappears. This is where Galaxia intends to carry out its plans to take over the system that creates and destroys the stars. But to get there, the path can be dotted with pitfalls …

So here we are: the last volume of this perpetual edition of Sailor Moon, which enabled us to rediscover Naoko Takeuchi’s cult manga in optimal editorial quality between the large format, the glossy paper and the many coloring pages. And the least that can be said is that the mangaka manages to offer a particularly beautiful, intense and intelligent home just as efficiently and not without a certain feeling, she crystallizes our entire heroine’s journey, of her status as a sailor and what matters. . to her.

The twists are meant to be quite numerous, ranging from a few expected returns (at the head of a Chibi Moon, which apparently can not remain inactive in the 30th century) to the final battle against an ultimate chaotic enemy still hiding behind Galaxia, passes through the clashes with the various guardians who have gathered to Galaxia for certain reasons (the guardians of the rivers of oblivion and memory, the gardens …), with Galaxia itself, where things take an intelligent turn, not to mention commitment for our heroine to fight for herself her most precious allies, visibly manipulated. And if the emotional and dramatic efforts are strong enough throughout the volume given the content of these various events, it may be to better serve the whole purpose of a mangaka that, above all, uses dangers to affirm the Sailor Moon belief. The confrontation with Lethe and Mnemosyne makes her realize that she denies loneliness and worries about her friends, that she wants to reject oblivion and cherish her own, and that her body is therefore not only a container of crystal, because also lives her soul and her emotions, which make her a human being. Her fight against the other sailors only strengthens her desire to protect those she cares about and give them a future. And the final battle makes her realize that even before she fights for peace and justice, she fights above all for all the people she loves. To perfect it all, Naoko Takeuchi also makes sure, though it remains fast, to specify the symbolic role of Chibi-Chibi, to effectively nuance the Galaxy or even to connect this arc with the former by explaining why all the former enemies of Sailor Moon then coveted his power.

Add to that the visual work with a crazy elegance and intensity with its beautiful flights and its carvings that pretty much come out of the shackles, and everything leads us to a conclusion that is both quite daring and at the same time avoids being too simple and accomplished. what it conveys about the course and future of the characters as well as about what Sailor Moon represents.

Upon arrival, it is very gratifying to rediscover the Sailor Moon in this edition. Thirty years after the beginning of its pre-release in Japan, the work of Naoko Takeuchi, who breathed new life into the genre of the magical girl by incorporating deeper themes, has not lost much of its strength.

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