Marvel: These stars were fired from the studio!

Getting fired by Marvel? Is it possible ! Focus on five big Hollywood names who have been thanked by the superhero studio.

When you are hired by such a powerful company as Marvel, where everything is calculated to the nearest millimeter, it is difficult to be thanked in advance once the contract has been signed. However, it has happened for actors and directors to be fired by the prestigious superhero studio. Focus on five big Hollywood names who experienced this mishap.

Edward Norton


In 2008, Edward Norton played the character Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk under the direction of Frenchman Louis Leterrier. Things started well for the Hollywood star to return to the role alongside the Avengers, but Marvel decided otherwise.

In a press release for the less money, Marvel declares: “We made the decision not to call Ed Norton again to play the role of Bruce Banner in Avengers. Our decision is definitely not based on financial issues. We had rather, we needed an actor who can embody the creativity and spirit of cooperation that characterizes the other talented actors. ” On a…

The actor defended himself through his agent against these accusations of evil spirits: “Kevin Feige’s statement is unprofessional, it is dishonest and clearly defamatory. The talent, the tireless ethics of Mr Norton’s work and professional integrity deserve more respect, and so do Marvel fans. . ” It is finally Mark Ruffalo who is chosen to play the Hulk in the Avengers saga.

james gunn

disney false

In 2018, James Gunn, director of Guardians of the Galaxy 1 & 2, was fired by Marvel after a series of outrageous tweets resurfaced, mocking topics such as rape or pedophilia. “The offensive behavior and statements revealed on James’ Twitter feed are indefensible and incompatible with our student values, and we have severed our business relationship with him,” said Disney CEO Alan Horn. For his part, James Gunn defended himself, always on Twitter. “Many people who have followed my career know that when I started, I saw myself as a provocateur who made movies and told scandalous, taboo jokes,” he says.

And the instructor added: “I am very, very different from who I was a few years ago. Today I try to anchor my work in love and connection and less in anger. Those days of saying something just because it is shocking, to get a reaction, is behind me. In the past, I apologized for my humor hurting people. I was really sorry and thought every word of my apologies. “

After a detour to DC with The Suicide Squad, James Gunn will finally be “restored” by Marvel. The American is under the control of Guardians of the Galaxy 3, scheduled for a theatrical release in May 2023.

Andrew Garfield

Sony Pictures publishes France

Andrew Garfield portrayed Peter Parker’s character in The Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel. The actor should have slipped into the role of Spider-Man for the third time, but the fact that he did not attend the project’s announcement ceremony (after arriving late and not feeling well, he canceled his visit) would have cost him a role in all in all!

“I have so many different perspectives at this time in my career,” Garfield said. at the microphone on Mr Porter’s website. “I was really excited to play Spider-Man. I really hoped that these films would be something young people could relate to, and not just a commercial product. But I had to fight a lot for my freedom during the production of The movies And it often got me in trouble because I sometimes said things I should not have said “.

After this mishap, Andrew Garfield would finally return to his superhero role in Spider-Man: No Way Home, which was released in theaters last year and which has Tom Holland in the lead role as the “most important” Spider-Man.

Edgar Wright


Associated with the Ant-Man project for many years, Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Last Night in Soho) ended up leaving the adventure in 2014only weeks away from filming, following disagreements over the film’s vision with Marvel.
Invited to a podcast hosted by Variety during the promotion of his Baby Driver, the British director-screenwriter spoke about this mishap with the Marvel team. “I think the most diplomatic answer is that I would make a Marvel movie, but I do not think they would want an Edgar Wright movie,” he says first. “It was really a heartbreaking decision to have to leave the project after working on it for so long …” “After The Last Ad Before World Doomsday, I worked on Ant-Man for a year, I had to direct the film,” he continues. “But I was a writer-director at the time, and they started wanting a manuscript draft without me.”

And Edgar Wright to conclude: “After writing all my other movies, it was kind of hard to move on thinking that if I were to make one of these movies (note: from the Marvel team), I was supposed to be both a screenwriter and a director. Suddenly you just become a director you have to hire and you are somehow much less emotionally involved, only to end up wondering what you are doing there. Really”.

Terrence Howard


Present in Iron Man in the person of Lieutenant Colonel Jim Rhodes, who would later become Avenger known as War Machine, Terrence Howard was replaced by Don Cheadle in Iron Man 2. The latter will continue to play the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What happened?

According to Weekly entertainmentit’s a matter of big money … Terrence Howard reportedly paid $ 3.5 million (even 4.5 million according to that person), more than Robert Downey Jr. At the time, the Iron Man project represented a risk: the protagonist was not considered sufficiently mainstream, and Terrence Howard was just crowned with his Oscar nomination for Best Actor for Hustle & Flow. The turnaround of the steam was spectacular, as Robert Downey Jr. subsequently, the highest paid actor in Hollywood for three consecutive years …

In 2013, on the show Watch What Happens Live, Terrence Howard explained that when the question arose of making Iron Man 2, the production wanted to significantly reduce his salary to rebalance the accounts with Robert Downey Jr. He will never see the color of the $ 8 million he asked for, the production gave him a million. An insult to the actor. Of course, on the Marvel site, the story was a whole different one

To return logically to the charge, Howard was seen relying on a rejection by Marvel, which asked Don Cheadle for the role. Eventually, Howard felt, in his own words, “betrayed” by Robert Downey Jr., whom he had helped to cast as Iron Man. “The person I helped is Iron Man … At the time of the second movie, he took the money that was supposed to come back to me and threw me out,” he said at the microphone from Bravo website. Vibe …

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