his son hit by a car, shocked!

Justine Cordule is one of the star mothers in the TF1 show, Large families life in XXL. As such, she is followed by a large community of fans with whom she shares many details about her daily life. Imagine their surprise when they found out on June 14 that Tom had been out for an accident. The young boy had just been hit by a car on the way to school.

His parents apparently made sure to find him as soon as possible. Justine Cordule was the first to arrive at the place and luckily she could see that Tom was doing well. Some pain of course as well as a big scare for everyone, it goes without saying, was appropriate. But this son Cordule was very lucky, Object do not hide it from you. On her Instagram account, her mother gives her news and tells about this difficult experience. Especially since it is far from a trivial story.

Justine Cordule talks about her son Tom’s terrible accident

This star mother for the TF1 show Large families life in XXL stands at the head of a beautiful tribe of seven children. They are therefore nine at home, including their parents, Steeve and Justine Cordule. A true joy for this devoted mother. But raising so many children is certainly far from easy. Not only do they have to take care of Tom, Timéo, Cloé, Toan, Lilas-Rose, Lubin and Lyson, they are also worried about them every minute of the day. That’s actually also what it’s like to be a parent.

But as Justine Cordule told her subscribers after the accident, even worried and alert, parents are obviously never ready to receive a call informing them that one of their children has been hit by a car. She does not forget to tell her subscribers who made this famous call and how she learned this news. And it was the family hairdresser who saw the accident who contacted Tom’s mother.

“The hairdresser contacted us. We arrived before the fire department and the gendarmerie when we were at the end of the street and immediately we saw that it seemed to be going well. », Justine Cordule indicated to Internet users, reassuring. But the few minutes she hung up to get to the scene of the accident must have been an ordeal. Object wants to believe that the most horrible scenarios must have been imagined by this panicked mother.

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The details of Tom’s accident

Hearing her child scream when it has just been run over by a car is a memory that marks. In fact, Justine Cordule thinks these images will remain etched in her memory for a while when she was scared of Tom. She also told her subscribers the whole scene when she discovered her son’s accident. “He was conscious, he was complaining a bit about his hips and his head. There was actually a big bump on his head, but then he left with the fire department, he did some investigations.”she then explained.

Eventually, paramedics concluded that Tom had “very chance” since he “have nothing”. A relief for him, for his parents, but also for all Internet users who follow the adventures of Justine Cordules and her large family on social networks. Eventually, she will also take the time to tell about the person who drove the car that hit Tom.

In fact, Internet users want to know the conditions of the accident. Find out if the driver has fled e.g. If she was influenced by illegal products or that kind of detail. But that is not the case, and Justine Cordule therefore wants to clarify it. Especially when she was assured that her son was doing really well. She therefore says that the driver remained at the scene. He did not drive too fast and he was sober. In fact, he was also in shock over what had just happened.

“It’s an accident. We’re not blaming him. I think the picture of Tom flying on his hood will stick in his head.”finally added Justine Cordule and encouraged its subscribers, Object told you not to blame the driver of the car.

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