Franche-Comté He sets up his car as a taxi to avoid paying for parking, a bird shows up at the Jura, goes to the hospital for a colonoscopy and comes out with a wound on his arm … The unusual miscellaneous facts of the week

A little girl blocks her mother on the balcony while the meal burns on

The large ladder has been inserted. Photo ER / Pascal CHEVILLOT

It’s an unlikely scenario that police and firefighters faced Thursday morning. Around 11:30 a.m., they were called to rescue a mother who was stuck on the balcony of her home in Belfort. Apparently, a 2-year-old girl had inadvertently closed the door and blocked her mother outside.

> But the meal stood on the stove and the food began to burn.

Admitted for a colonoscopy, she comes out with an impressive wound … on her arm

Nicole, 85, was injured in the arm during an examination at the Saint-Martin de Vesoul clinic, which had nothing to do. The family asks for an explanation. Photo archive ER / Bruno GRANDJEAN

Nicole, 85, was due to perform a fairly standard routine examination in April scheduled by her gastroenterologist at the Saint-Martin de Vesoul clinic. Everything seems to have gone very well at this level.

> However, it is with a giant bandage on his arm that Thierry finds his mother waking up from graduation

An eight-year-old suddenly disappeared in Doubs, was … to a funeral

This 87-year-old woman went to a funeral in the town of Avanne-Aveney without informing her son. Illustration photo ER / Arnaud CASTAGNE

The gendarmes were called in Saturday morning after a worrying disappearance in the town of Avanne-Aveney. One son said his 87-year-old mother had disappeared that morning.

> She finally reappeared after an hour and a half. She had actually gone to a funeral.

Her shutter closes, she is stuck on her balcony on the 11th floor

The woman, who was stranded on her balcony in the tower of Place Leclerc in Besançon, was rescued thanks to an air-lift arm from the firefighters. Photo ER / Franck HAKMOUN

An electric shutter can be disappointing … A woman “of a certain age”, according to a firefighter source, was rescued by firefighters on Tuesday because she was stuck on the balcony of her apartment, Place Leclerc.

> The intervention was impressive as the latter lives on the 11th floor of a building that has 14. Unharmed she was able to return to her home.

He turns his car into a fake taxi so he can park in front of the station

Not the most discreet of taxis, this Dodge Viper … Photo DR

Some dare everything, and that’s how we recognize them. It is without any embarrassment, even probably animated by a slightly provocative spirit, that a motorist has imagined a strangely cunning work to try to make life easier. A discreet deception …

> On June 16, around noon, a flashy American sports car pointed the end of its bonnet in front of the Viotte station in Besançon.

An American bird invites itself to a small village in the Jura and shows up

Native to the United States and Canada, the presence of this white-throated sparrow is a mystery. Photo by Mathieu CARISEY

“It’s an event that deserves the trip! It’s wild, it only happens once in a lifetime to be able to see this bird in France ”. In Hautes Combes, the municipality of Bouchoux is in turmoil. She received a rare feathered guest!

> Curious, amateurs and enthusiasts flocked to the village square to observe it, listen to it, photograph it.

The broken gear lever, one of the most original repairs on the Rallye Vosges Grand Est

Express repair by François Thiebaut and Julia O’Brien. Photo DR / Julia O’Brien

How difficult was this Vosge’s Grand Est rally this year! Zoom in on the unusual repair of François Thiébaut and Julia O’Brien. Impreza Sti’s gearbox, having decided to do its own thing, the Delles couple used the means at their disposal to carry out a “temporary repair, which remains engraved”.

> An admirable wallpaper screwdriver allowed them to continue the adventure … and complete the rally.

When “Blimp” flies over Franche-Comté

Blimp flew over Vesoul around 3pm on Monday 13 June. Photo archive ER / Lionel VADAM

You may have seen it pass over Vesoul around 3pm on Monday: a blue and white Goodyear brand airship. This is the zeppelin Le Blimp, back from 24 hours of Le Mans.

> It is the largest semi-rigid airship in the world. The flying monster is the only model in operation in Europe

The FC Sochaux-Montbéliard scarf shows a foul …

Montbéliard with two L’s to better take off Photo ER / Sam BONJEAN

At FC Sochaux-Montbéliard we know it, we see it, we are often ready for anything. Some will say everything and … anything. Including taking liberties with the great spelling of the city? Judge instead.

> The club got new scarves made so that the playoffs could fly a little higher, in layers of Ligue 1. One of the club’s supporters therefore went to the store to buy the new charm …

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