Destroy all people! 2: still just as politically incorrect

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Steam Neo Fest was launched earlier this week and there are a large number of independent games. Among them, there is one name that sounds more familiar than the others: Destroy all people! 2. This remake of the adventures from Crypto is scheduled for this summer and offers us a irreverent demo of more than an hour. Here’s what we thought.


  • Even less politically correct than GTA?
  • yesterday’s science fiction
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Steam Neo Fest

All Steam Neo Fest demos are available from June 13 to 20 (7pm). So there is still time to try some games that fascinate you to build your own joystick / mouse mind in hand.

Even less politically correct than GTA?

Crypto is back, and of course it’s to play you a dirty trick. Lhe alien has not lost any of his horniness and nonchalance. He thus gives this remake the good taste of eternal transgression that animated his ancestors. Nothing has moved on this page. Those who like the spicy spirit of Crypto will therefore be conquered and the others will remain on the floor. We still would have liked to have seen the jokes vary a bit. After an hour of play, they quickly turn out to be superfluous, specifically in the overall sarcastic tone of the title, which failed to tire us.

Like a Mars attacked, this destroys all people! 2 – Reprobed does not take itself seriously and it feels good. As a reminder, Destroy all people! was also conceived as a parody of science fiction from the 1950s. More broadly, we can see a satire on American society in the sixties, divided between two tendencies that are very caricatured here: the hippie movement and the cold war.

Destroy all people!  2: still just as politically incorrect

Thus, we find hippies more crazy and perched than ever, accompanied by Russian agents as cliché as possible. It all gives us a scenario that has neither head nor tail and serves more as a pretext than a real story. Nothing very surprising in itself: Destroy all people! Has always worked like this. We therefore appreciate this crazy side, which sometimes even manages to make us get a few suffocated laughs.

Destroy all people!  2: still just as politically incorrect

You will understand, Destroy all people! 2 does not reinvent the formula, but rather serves it for us. By keeping his extraterrestrial DNA so special, the title will no doubt appeal to fans of the first hour and will even succeed in seducing some of them. But if you are hermetic about this kind of tone, there is no miracle on the horizon. And that’s not the only point that can turn some people off.

Destroy all people!  2: still just as politically incorrect

yesterday’s science fiction

Destroy all people!  2: still just as politically incorrect

Despite the very well-executed graphic facelift, Destroy all people! 2 is like its predecessor an aging game. From what we’ve seen, it retains the same flaws as the 2020 remake. The chapter construction is still just as dated, and the difficulty continues to yo-yo without much logic. Despite the improvements in the weapons, some are still inaccurate and the battles become confusing very quickly. At this level, however, we can not blame the title for being stingy in the content.

Destroy all people!  2: still just as politically incorrect

Between the weapons, the forces and the phases on board the ship, the title offers a varied and rich gameplay. Whether it’s in the form of Crypto or a hippie on a journey, it’s proven to be very enjoyable to browse Bay City through this demo. So much so that we quickly forget the few technical and visual problems, and we let ourselves go over the various missions that the beginning of the game offers us. It remains to be seen whether Destroy All Humans! 2 will retain this pleasant breeze of lightness over time.

In short, if you liked Destroy All Humans !, you will no doubt appreciate this new title. After more than an hour of play, the conclusion is actually clear: The 2 ‘is located in the right line of the 1’. No big surprise on the horizon, apart from the possibilities of destruction, bigger and more ambitious than in the previous remake. Other than that, the title rests on the laurels, but it does well to provide an enjoyable experience for both nostalgic fans and the uninitiated.

As a reminder, Destroy all people! 2 – Reprobed is scheduled for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series on August 30th.

Destroy all people!  2: still just as politically incorrect

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