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The smartphone is now an integral part of our daily lives. And no one should know that he uses radio frequencies to send or receive waves. Researchers continue to try to identify whether its excessive use is harmful to health. However, we already know that some cell phones seem more radioactive than others. In this article, we will reveal to you the models that emit the most electromagnetic waves.

Do any of you know what the “Specific Absorption Rate” (SAR) means? This is a small number found in all ads for smartphones. Except that the majority do not notice it. However, this figure is far from trivial, as it is the quantitative measure of the device’s radiation. Before you even consider buying a cell phone, it would also be good to take a look to inform yourself about the possible health effects.

We know in particular that the metals found in mobile phones promote overheating, which causes the emission of radiation. You’ve probably noticed: When you talk on the phone and the call pulls out, your ears quickly end up warming up. This is not only due to friction with the device, wave transmissions are also responsible. Would there be any health risks? The debate is still raging among specialists. Opinions are mixed: some agree that these radioactive waves can cause certain symptoms. While others believe that there is no real health threat. Difficult to determine, as no researcher has so far achieved concrete results in the observations.

Either way, regulators around the world have issued a warning to companies to check their products for radioactivity before they are marketed. Therefore, a specific rate of absorption was defined. According to the current European conformity, the “SAR for the head” (use at the ear) must not exceed 2 watts / kg and at the level of the limbs (hands, pockets) it must be lower than 4 watts / kg. These are the limits that must be observed to avoid possible health damage.

What are the potential health risks of radioactive waves?

Today, it is difficult to escape the exposure of radioactive waves, they are everywhere, both in 3G, 4G and 5G networks, as well as in Wi-Fi, smartphones or even microwaves. We are daily surrounded by this new technology. What does the World Health Organization (WHO) think? According to her, these radio waves would be “possibly carcinogenic”, although there is not yet a concrete connection to take a stand on in the long term.

But even though there is no direct connection with radio waves, it still emphasizes certain pathologies, such as electromagnetic hypersensitivity. In fact, some users sometimes complain of nausea, migraine, or chronic fatigue. According to the WHO, these symptoms are mainly due to excessive use of the mobile phone. In other words, at present, and in spite of all the mixed opinions, no scientific study has really proved that radioactive frequencies are dangerous to health.

However, prevention is better than cure. Many experts still recommend taking certain precautions. In particular, remember to choose your smartphone carefully, and be sure to always check the SAR: The less radiation from the waves is important, and the more you will be reassured. And as a safety precaution, in order not to be constantly exposed to the waves, it is always better to avoid intensive use of your device.

Here is the list of the most radioactive smartphones:

use your phone

Using Your Phone – Source: Q.

  • Motorola Edge – 1.79 watts / kg
  • Axon 11 5G – 1.59 watts / kg
  • OnePlus 6T – 1.55 / kg
  • Sony Xperia XA2 – 141 watts / kg
  • Google Pixel XL / 3a XL and Pixel 4A – 1.37 watts / kg
  • Oppo Reno 5G – 1.37 watts / kg
  • Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact – 1.36 watts / kg
hold your phone

Holds your mobile phone – Source: spm

If you really can not reduce the high frequency of use of your mobile, here are some simple tips to avoid mobile phone radiation and minimize its possible effects.

  • First of all, if you do not expect to receive urgent calls soon and you can go without your device for a few hours, it is best to turn it off or activate flight mode. This will allow you to interrupt wireless transmissions, thereby preventing radiation.
  • When making a call, always choose wired headphones and not wireless: This will limit the radiation from the device. If you do not have headphones on hand, just use the speakerphone.
  • Do not allow children to use cell phones except in emergencies, especially when they are very young. As a precaution, you should also avoid letting them play with your smartphone.
  • If you are in an area where there is very little networking, there is no point in trying to make a call unless it is strictly necessary. When the connection is very weak, it will require more radiant force to call: As a result, you will be in more contact with radiation.
  • Never put your mobile phone in your shirt or jacket pocket. Likewise, do not fall asleep with your device right next to you or near your head.
  • If possible, try to reduce the number of calls as much as possible: Instead, choose the landline or online services that allow you to make free calls.
  • Finally, one last piece of advice: avoid sleeping with your mobile phone on the bedside table, and do not use it as an alarm clock. This daily companion is more sneaky than you think: it can impair the quality of your sleep by increasing your insomnia and your anxiety.

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