6 tech objects that will revolutionize everyday life

connected glasses

Product: Ray-ban Stories

Price: 329 euros

Ray-ban, on the one hand, Meta (aka Facebook) on the other, is offering connected glasses this year to lovers of beautiful binoculars … and social networks. Although the experiment will undoubtedly undergo changes, this product must be recognized as a real innovation. Despite the built-in technologies, it is distinguished by its discreet and elegant appearance. With, and it is important, a real quality of protective lenses. Built-in speakers allow you to listen to music, a button on the right branch to take pictures (MP) or video, in square format and lasts a maximum of 30 seconds. If the quality is essentially sufficient to read on a smartphone, an application allows the images to be restored to distribute them immediately. The gadget may be perfect, but avant-garde.

The laptop with two screens

Product: Asus Zenbook 17 Fold

Price: from 3,999 euros

Zenbook 17 Fold is blowing an unprecedented wind in the laptop market, which has lacked inspiration lately. At the time of new quality flexible displays, the Taiwanese offer a 17.3-inch OLED model with 2.5K resolution, which is currently the best. Convenient for nomads, it acts as the ideal tablet for watching movies, especially as it features Dolby Vision®1 HDR technology and a high-quality sound system, signed by Harman Kardon. If it, folded, offers two separate 12.5-inch screens, one of which acts as a virtual keyboard, you can also add an external keyboard by magnetism. In addition, an HD infrared camera, a latest generation processor from Intel (Core i7 U-Series) and two thunderbolt USB ports. Presented at the last CES in Las Vegas, it was to land in France shortly.

The foldable screen smartphone

Product: Samsung Z Fold 3 5G

Price: max. 1,799 euros

If Samsung was one of the first manufacturers to enter the market for phones with foldable screens, the tests so far have been more or less successful. Z Fold 3 5 G, unveiled a few months ago, really keeps its promise: its two separate, resistant screens can thus become a square size. A powerful triple photo block, a lightning-fast processor (Snapdragon 888), the addition of the camera under the screen and total waterproofing make it an innovative product. Finally, and this is not a detail, the optional use of the brand’s S Pen stylus gives it creative virtues and makes it a valuable tool for working from your mobile. A good smartphone to try to fold.

LG Signature R TV: the screen rolls out of its box, a sober gray rectangle.LG

The roll-up TV

Product: LG Signature R

Price: 100,000 euros

The LG Signature R (for “scrollable”) is a screen worthy of science fiction movies. This unfolds, as if by magic, when it comes out of its box. Impressive but rather sober, it will find its place in a living room or in front of a footboard. The technology behind this manual relies on self-emitting OLED pixels, all wrapped up in an ultra-thin and beautiful 65-inch screen. Because LG is currently the only manufacturer of large OLED screens. It can be controlled with the voice and acts as a speaker when partially folded, with a relevant content selection that mixes ambient sounds and lights, including a fake fireplace. Then, in “Reset” mode, everything disappears: the furniture can then serve as a reception or bench outside the exit area. The beginning of a new era.

The advanced soundbar

Product: Devialet Dione

Price: 2,190 euros

Always disruptive in his way of thinking about acoustics, Devialet enters the soundbar market brilliantly with Dione, whose release a few weeks ago has already been imitated by specialists and music lovers. With good reason: with its 17 speakers, the sound is really optimal, with powerful bass without being annoying at high volume and a very accurate reproduction of voices and instruments. Especially for movies, the device gives a real feeling of immersion, rarely for an all-in-one model, without subwoofer or remote speakers. With a very nice and original finish, Dione can be used on a TV cabinet or hung on the wall, with very simplified configurations and installations. A really nice discovery.

The DJI Mini 3 Pro drone, a featherweight machine that weighs 249 grams.

The DJI Mini 3 Pro drone, a featherweight machine that weighs 249 grams.DJI

The ultralight drone

Product: DJI Mini 3 pro

Price: 829 euros with remote control

Here might be “THE” drone to buy this year to go on vacation. Admittedly, DJI releases new products very regularly, each more sophisticated than the other, but this Mini 3 pro seems to tick all the boxes for a well-deserved success. Ultralight, its 249 grams makes it possible to use it without a license or training, although the latter is recommended. It also has a 4K camcorder that shoots at 60 frames per second and a redesigned nacelle so that the lens can be oriented at 90 degrees and take vertical pictures. Pictures were taken at 48 MP. Among the other features: detection of obstacles in three directions, the “active track” mode to follow its goals and above all a record autonomy for such a small machine, with almost 30 minutes of flight announced.

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