What you need to know about oil change for your car

How important is the oil change? The presence of a sufficient amount ofcar engine oilin the car ensures the necessary lubrication of moving parts. It also protects the engine from premature deterioration. If the engine oil is inadequate or used, it puts the vehicle’s engine under pressure and can cause serious damage to the engine.

Why should the oil be changed?

Changing the engine oil plays two important roles: on the one hand it lubricates the engine to keep it running, and on the other hand it cools pistons, valves and cylinders.

This oil contains additional substances, known as additives, to improve its performance. In order for the oil to perform its functions without problems, these additives should not be worn. Otherwise, metal particles accumulate in the oil. Unfortunately, this phenomenon of wear and tear develops after every kilometer. As a result, the lubrication properties deteriorate, the heat is no longer redistributed and the valves wear faster.

How often should I change oil?

It all depends on the characteristics of your engine as well as the frequency of your mileage. The intervals range from 15,000 to 40,000 kilometers, it all depends on the brand. You will find exact figures on this in your car’s instruction manual. Those who drive many kilometers on average, that is to say 10,000 to 15,000 kilometers per year, should have changed oil approximately every 1.5 to 2 years.

What are the signs that my engine needs to be emptied?

A small red oil can is one of the most important warning indicators in the car. It tells you that emptying is mandatory. However, do not delay too long and follow the oil change intervals specified in the car manufacturer’s manual. Many workshops also display a note in the car (eg inside the driver’s door) indicating the mileage from which the next oil change is to be made. If you drive often or almost only in the city, it is recommended in principle to change your car oil quite often, because the engine is then under more pressure.

Is it therefore true that a new car must be emptied after 1,000 kilometers?

In the past, this was the case. This was because the engines were not yet made as precisely as they are today. There were even special oils for new cars. But for greater safety, you need to inform yourself about this in your car’s manual. Which, incidentally, is always true: Cars should not be driven at full throttle over long distances for the first 1000 kilometers, but instead gradually adjusted to maximum power.

What is the professional method of oil change, with replacement of the oil filter, in the workshop?

The oil is easy to drain: We place your car on the upper deck and a drain pan under the car. Then open the drain plug: The oil flows into the container, then the waste will be treated in an environmentally friendly way. Generally, professionals use this opportunity to change the gaskets and the oil filter. New engine oil is added, then the oil change counter is reset.

It is better to change the oil after heating the car before going to the garage: in this case, the oil becomes more liquid and flows both faster and completely. Thanks to the faster oil flow, residues from the wires are also removed better.

How much does an oil change cost?

The price of an oil change, including a new oil filter, varies. There are workshops that use premium oils whose price is two or even three times higher than the price of normal engine oils. But it is not necessary as cheap lubricants also achieved good to very good results in various tests and can be used without fear. It is also possible to buy cheap engine oil yourself and then take it to the workshop.

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