Update 23.4.3: Balance Changes for Hearthstone, Battlegrounds and Mercenaries – Hearthstone

Update 23.4.3 will be implemented today in the inn. This brings about a fresh round of balance changes Hearthstone, Battlegrounds and mercenaries. Find all the details in the full patch notes below.

Update 19:02: The patch has been implemented.

Update 23.4.3, which will be released on June 16, contains several balancing changes for, among others, Standard, Battlegrounds and Mercenaries!

Map updates

Developer Comment: This update has a lot of major balancing changes for Standard Mode (as well as one for Free Mode) with different goals. First, we will reduce the power of the strongest decks in the meta-game (the Blight Demon Hunter and Control Warrior variants). A good half of these tweaks are for balancing and aiming to correct the wind rate for these tires in particular.

Other changes in this update are more about improving the gameplay experience for people facing some of the most divisive cards in the game.

The effect of the following cards has been reduced:

Shield Smash

  • Previous: Part 5 injuries to all minions. Costs (1) less crystal for each armor point you have. Now: Part 4 damage to all minions. Costs (1) less crystal for each armor point you have.

Returns from the tide

  • Previous: Battlecry: Causes 5 damage. Get 8 armor points. Now: Battlecry: Part 5 damage. Get 5 armor points.

Nellie’s pirate ship (the colossal summoning of Nellie, the legendary Lamia)

  • Previously: Provocation. Deathrattle: Adds Nellie’s Pirate Crew to your hand. It costs (1) crystal. Now: Provocation. Deathrattle: Adds Nellie’s Pirate Crew to your hand. It costs (1) less crystal.

Threat from the deep

  • Earlier: [Coût : 3] → Now: [Coût : 4]

Developer Comment: Both the Charge Warrior and Control Warrior variants are too strong in ranked games, and the higher you climb in rank, the higher their payout rate. These two archetypes share several key cards, these adjustments are intended to reduce their efficiency. While these tires will not disappear completely after this update, we hope to make some of their more frustrating features impossible (or at least less intimidating) (for example, Nellie’s ability to create a Mr. Smite at a price of 1).

Caria Felsoul

  • Earlier: [Coût : 6] 6 ATK / 6 HP. Battlecry: Turn into a 6/6 copy of a Demon in your deck. Now: [Coût : 7] 7 ATK / 7 HP. Battlecry: Turn into a 7/7 copy of a Demon in your deck.

War-torn vanguard

  • Previously: 2 ATK / 2 HP → Now: 2 ATK / 1 HP

Developer Comment: The second class that has had an excessive payout rate since the last mini-set was released is Demon Hunter. We may be happy to see that the revised and corrected version of Xhilag works well, but we can not say that we appreciate knowing that Caria is able to make a copy with a small advance. In addition to slowing down this interaction, we take a hit point from War-Worn Vanguard to reduce its chances of holding out early in the game and thus causing an effect.

Madpaw Gnoll

  • Previously: 4 ATK / 5 HP → Now: 3 ATK / 5 HP

Developer Comment: The Rogue is one of the most played classes in standard mode, and we felt it was unfair to make adjustments to other popular classes without reducing its power to a minimum. Balancing Madpaw Gnoll was not easy, but we are confident that this new change will stabilize both the map and the class.

Carpenter Cariel

  • Earlier: [Coût : 7] → Now: [Coût : 8]

Developer Comment: So much the better if heroic cards allow their class to shine in the late game, but we felt Cariel helped his class a turn too soon. Paladin has a good balance in the current meta-game, and thanks to the other tweaks in this update, that shouldn’t change.

Bile-lashing Siren

  • Earlier: [Coût : 4] 2 ATK / 5 HP → Now: [Coût : 5] 2 ATK / 6 HP

Developer Comment: Bile-Lashing Siren is such a fun and interesting card for Naga Mages tires, but we thought it might end games without really being able to counteract it. This adjustment aims to give her opponents another turn to control the troops she can generate.

Earth Scales

  • Earlier: [Coût : 1] → Now: [Coût : 2]

Developer Comment: The Druid can not be said to dominate since the last mini-set was released, but it can still be very frustrating to lose to him. Earth scales seemed too effective for us compared to the price of 1 crystal. We also increase the cost by 1 to make the class a little easier to attack in the middle of the game.

lightning is blooming

  • Previously: You only get 2 mana crystals for this trip. Overload: (2). → Now: Resets 2 mana crystals. Overload: (2).

Developer Comment: Our analysis after the release of the miniset made us take a look at Free Mode, and more specifically High Shaman tires. These can sometimes land some serious blows very early, making any resistance in vain. We quickly identified the main source of this problem, both short-term and long-term: Lightning Bloom. That is why we make such an adjustment.

Sir. punishment

  • Earlier: [Coût : 6] → Now: [Coût : 7]

Developer Comment: Mr. Smite is a powerful card that can end games, but it’s not meant to be that strong right now. This tweak should make him a little more manageable in the middle of the game, while slowing down the various combinations he gets involved in.


  • Previously: 5 ATK / 4 HP → Now: 4 ATK / 3 HP

Developer’s Comments: Although we’re generally satisfied with the mechanics the Teacher provides, such a powerful Battlecry card does not need such statistics. This tweak should not diminish her appeal, but we hope it will make her less ubiquitous.

You can collect the full dust value of the above cards for 2 weeks after the implementation of update 23.4.3 (the basic versions of the cards as well as the gold versions of the tutor assigned as part of the reward track forIn the heart of the sunken city is not affected).

Updates to Battlegrounds mode

Hero Power Update

Onyxia the Broodmother – Broodmother

  • Previous: Vengeance (4): Summons a 2/1 Whelp who attacks immediately. → Now: Vengeance (4): Summons a 3/1 Whelp who attacks immediately.

Ozumat – Extensive

  • Previous: Passive effect. Start of the match: Summon a 2/2 arm with Taunt. (Improves when selling a minion!) → Now: Passive effect. Start of the match: Summon a 2/2 arm with Taunt. (Wins +1 / +1 when selling a minion!)

Developer Comment: We’re only making this change for the sake of clarity, it’s not functional.

Pyraride – Brick by brick

  • Earlier: [Coût : 1] Give +4 HP to a random friendly minion. → Now: [Coût : 0] Give a minion +2 HP (Get +1 HP for each turn you do not use it!).

Tamsin Roame – Fragrant speech bubble

  • Previous: Beginning of the battle: Destroy your minions with the lowest HP. Gives its characteristics to four other Allied minions. → Now: Start of the match: Destroy your minions with the lowest HP. Provides his stats to five other Allied minions.

Updated armor levels

The following heroines and heroes have had their armor levels increased as follows:

  • Al’Akir, Faelin Ambassador, Galakrond, Malygos, Vol’jin now have tier 2 armor.
  • C’Thun now has tier 3 armor.
  • Bru’kan, Edwin VanCleef, Fungimancer Flurgl and Queen Azshara now have level 5 armor.
  • Deathwing, Elise Starseeker, Illidan Stormrage, Lord Jaraxxus and Tess Greymane now have Tier 6 armor.
  • Aranna Starseeker, Cariel Roame, King Mukla, Lord Saurfang, Rakanishu, The Curator and The Rat King now have Tier 7 armor.

The following heroines and heroes have had their armor levels reduced as follows:

  • Alexstrasza, Deathspeaker Blackthorn, Ini Stormcoil, Maiev Shadowsinger, Nighteye the Pirate, Carniflora, The Lich King, Trade Prince Gallywix and Xyrella now have Tier 1 armor.
  • Reno Jackson now has tier 2 armor.
  • Untamer Brann now has tier 3 armor.

Updated Servers

small bubble

  • Previously: 2 ATK / 5 HP → Now: 5 ATK / 4 HP.


  • Previously: Pub Level 4 → Now: Pub level 3

Cold light indicator

  • Previously: Pub Level 4 → Now: Pub level 3

Bench Commander

  • Previously: 1 ATK / 2 HP → Now: 2 ATK / 2 HP

Tamer waves

  • Previous: Witchcraft: Give a minion + 1 / + 1 and Windfury until the next turn. → Now: Witchcraft: Give a minion + 2 / + 2 and Windfury until the next turn.

Taming creatures

  • Previously: 5 ATK / 6 HP. After throwing a Sorcery spell on a minions, give it + 2 / + 1. → Now: 5 ATK / 7 HP. Once you have cast a spell with Sorcery on a minions, give it + 2 / + 2.

Destroyed Myrmidon

  • Previously: 2 ATK / 2 HP → Now: 3 ATK / 3 HP.

Mistress of Tides Athissa

  • Previously: 7 ATK / 3 HP → Now: 7 ATK / 8 HP.

Mercenary updates


  • The Dragon Queen game
    • Previously: Cooldown 2 → Now: Cooling 1

The Lich King

  • Death Coil
    • Previously: Cooling down 1 → Now: Cooling down 0


  • Jadeflame Flurry
    • Previously: Cooling down 1 → Now: Cooling down 0

Tide mistress Athissa:

  • Crushing wave
    • Previously: Speed ​​7 → Now: Speed ​​6
  • Backwater:
    • Previously: Cooling down 1 → Now: Cooling down 0


  • Previously: Max. : 11/72 → Nu: Max statistics. : 11/82

Xuen, the white tiger

  • Compensatory strike
    • Previously: Speed ​​7 → Now: Speed ​​5

Captain double hook

  • Tough negotiations
    • Previously: Speed ​​7 → Now: Speed ​​2


  • The blessing of protection
    • Previously: Speed ​​3 → Now: Speed ​​1

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Zarjira’s Upstart Acolyte gear freeze effect will no longer be activated if your opponent’s board is already completely frozen. This is a temporary fix until the effect becomes: “Each turn, the first time an Allied character is frozen, a random opponent freezes.”
  • Fixed an issue where the Reno Treasure Inspector equipment sometimes had no effect.
  • Fixed various localization issues in multiple modes and languages.

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