Kingdom Hearts 4: What Future for Final Fantasy Characters? Tetsuya Nomura answers

Play news Kingdom Hearts 4: What Future for Final Fantasy Characters? Tetsuya Nomura answers

Released on April 10, Kingdom Hearts 4 is still very mysterious. We do not yet know the release platforms, but we do know that the title will launch a new arc titled Lost Marter Arc. But even before we learn more, players are wondering what the place of the Final Fantasy characters will be in the game.

A realistic environment and news in the gameplay

In Kingdom Hearts IV, Sora wakes up a few hours after arriving The Quadratum world, which is much more realistic than the hitherto Kingdom Hearts environments, and which undoubtedly evoke the city Tokyo. A realism recently explained Tetsuya Nomura in an interview published shortly after the announcement:

From Sora’s point of view, Quadratum is not the real world, but on the contrary resembles a parallel world, a world different from reality. On the other hand, for the inhabitants of the Quadratum, their world corresponds to reality, and the world from which Sora and the others come, the fictional world. The perception changes for each point of view. The Master of Masters said something along these lines already in Kingdom Hearts Union X (…). I think the theme of this new project will be the contrast between those who are in such different positions.

We also want to cross paths with Strelitzia, a character that Kingdom Hearts: Union X (Cross) players have, and we’ll have to face a Goliath using a Visibly improved key blade and able to act as a grab hook. In the trailer, which is the only one we have at the moment, we also noticed it the building option, proposing new mechanics on the way. Full of little items just waiting to be connected over time.

What place for Final Fantasy and its characters?

But one of the most important questions players have is instead of Final Fantasy characters. The latter is not particularly present in Kingdom Hearts III (and a little more in ReMIND), while the license has long been identified as a meeting between Final Fantasy and Disney. Asked by Game Informer about this, the manufacturer said:

I know there were not many Final Fantasy characters in Kingdom Hearts III. One thing I would like to clarify is that many fans say that Kingdom Hearts is a collaboration between Disney characters and Final Fantasy characters. But I really feel like that’s not the core concept of Kingdom Hearts, it’s not exactly what Kingdom Hearts is.

When we released the first title, we only had a few original Kingdom Hearts characters. When they interacted with well-known and beloved Disney characters, I felt that no one really knew about these new characters, and therefore it was harder for them to establish themselves. So we brought in a lot of Final Fantasy characters to help everyone get to know these characters better.

A matter of balance

In other words, the Final Fantasy characters, who were already famous and iconic, served as foil to allow the public get to know the new characters better, and to install them well in this new universe. Now that these Kingdom Hearts-specific characters are clarified and known, the question is about Final Fantasy characters arises from the point of view of the team from Kingdom Heats 4:

Today, there are so many original Kingdom Hearts characters who are beloved and people would like to see more of them. With Kingdom Hearts III, as we had so many original Kingdom Hearts characters, it was hard to find room to include more Final Fantasy characters. We try to find a good balance for that. I know some fans were not very happy and wanted to see more Final Fantasy characters.

That’s something we’re thinking about. But given the number of original characters we have now, it’s hard to say what the exact balance will be and how it will unfold in Kingdom Hearts IV. We can not give you a definitive answer to this yet.

Nomura therefore promises not to add new Final Fantasy characters, nor does it involve those who are already participating in the adventure. The idea seems to be favor original characters, but the choice is obviously not final. However, these statements may disappoint fans of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, however the end still seems far away and many things can happen.

Kingdom Hearts 4: What Future for Final Fantasy Characters?  Tetsuya Nomura answers

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