How to set a blue light filter on a laptop or desktop computer

You may have heard of the negative effects of too much blue light from computers. But you do not know what you can do on a daily basis. Here are some solutions that will help protect your eyes from blue light coming from your computer.

Fast spot on blue light

Let’s start by asking ourselves why it is important to filter out blue light. Here is an overview of this “blue light” phenomenon. “Blue light” is a general term, but it actually refers to two very different realities. On the light spectrum we can distinguish blue-turquoise or blue-violet. Turquoise light and blue light are not harmful to the eyes. They are essential for our psychological health.

On the other hand, blue-violet radiation is quite irritating to our eyes. Since it has a very short wavelength, it is much more energetic than other colors. We have to be careful with the blue-violet sun. It is the typical blue-violet light on these screens that follows us all day, whether we are using a smartphone, tablet, computer or television.

It is also the light from LED lights and xenon-powered headlights on newer cars. If this artificial light is overexposed, it can cause strained eyes and sleep disorders as well as AMD (age-related macular degeneration).

Blue light filter for PC (Windows)

Windows offers two scenarios: before Windows 10 and after Windows 10. The blue light filter was not available before Windows 10, but there was a “Night light” setting in the display settings. These settings are basic.

However, Windows 10 has revolutionized the industry. Windows 10 offers an anti-blue light setting called Night Light. It was introduced in September 2020. This option changes the dominant colors, reduces blue and increases heat.

To activate the setting, click “Start” and then go to the “Settings” tab. Go to the “System” section and finally to “Monitor”. The “Night lighting” option is located below the screens. Finally, click on the box to activate the setting.

Windows 10’s “Blue Light Filter” is a new setting that automatically adapts to your computer’s time and time zone. Windows 10 also calibrates the night light activation according to the current date. To do this, it calculates the time of day.

Blue light filter for MAC (IOS)

You can also use the built-in blue light filter if you have a Mac. Night Shift is an abbreviation for Night Shift. Night Shift blue color filter, like its Night Light counterpart on PC, adjusts the color metrics of your screen based on the time of day.

How to enable Night Shift’s blue light filter on MAC (iOS). Go to System Preferences, then select the Apple menu.

Click Monitors. Then click the Night Shift tab.

Night Shift lets you adjust the color temperature manually by moving the slider. Warmer colors will show more yellow and less blue.

Blue Light Blocker Software for Windows (free download)

Do you have an earlier version of Windows 10? There are opportunities. You can download anti-blue light PC software for free.

Even if you do not have a structural filter on your computer, you can download and use software such as F.Lux and Light Bulb. These third-party applications use little power.

Anti-blue light software for MAC available for free

There are other options if you do not want to use NightShift filters on your MAC. These are identical to Windows filters for Windows. F.Lux (the most commonly compatible iOS app) and Iris (the least common) are the two most popular.

Do you have blue light filters that can be put on your screens?

A third alternative to the software filter is the blue light filter, which can be set directly on the screens. It is a transparent glass plate that filters the blue light from your computer screen. They come in different sizes.


These filters not only filter out blue light, but often come with anti-reflective protection. This can be useful if you use your device outdoors.

Some models also have a transparent coating to protect you from prying eyes. However, the page image is black. This will deter prying eyes. This is especially important if you work in public.

The negative points

Blue light filters are not for everyone. These filters are not cheap, but only one device is protected.

They can only be used on computers and are designed for professional and desktop use. However, our dependence on smartphones accounts for a large part of our screen time. It is an important vector for many of you in your social and family life, in your hobbies and in your thirst for knowledge. It is difficult to attach this filter under these circumstances.

How can you protect your eye from blue light? We recommend getting glasses that block blue light. They work in the same way as screen filters. They can be worn anywhere you go, for maximum convenience.

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