Côte d’Ivoire: Business Forum, Patrick Achi advocates for concrete, structured investment in strategic sectors that naturally meet the needs of Africa and Europe

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Alberola, Achi, Von Kirchmann and Camara this Thursday in Abidjan

patrick achigave the Prime Minister today the start signal for the “West Africa-European Union Business Forum”, which will be held from 16 to 17 June 2022 in Abidjan at the Sofitel Hotel Ivoire.

The demands of the current international context, first marked by the pandemic crisis and its socio-economic consequences, then by the war in Ukraine, require the various political and economic actors to reassess the situation, the state of their national trajectory, their current resilience and their strategy for the future. . Conventional schemes have very often shown their limits in recent years.

That is why the Prime Minister welcomed the initiative for this meeting, which is being held on the theme of “Transforming West Africa’s economies through a strengthened partnership between the European and West African private sectors”.

According to him, this theme highlights not only the need for economic transformation, but also and above all the essential and crucial role that the national as well as the international private sector plays in the efforts to achieve sustainable resilience in economies and the improvement of living conditions in the country. people.

He reaffirmed the Ivorian Government’s intention to consolidate the improvement of its economy by further integrating into international trade, in line with its tradition of liberal economy, while vigorously consolidating its industrial base and its potential for national transformation of its products.

The Ivorian Prime Minister urged the private sector, both national and international, to accelerate its investment in order to gradually become the spearhead of this strategy of modernizing agriculture and vigorous industrialization in the implementation of the NDP 2021-2025.

At the same time, special efforts are being made to develop high-quality human resources that meet labor market standards and demand, especially in industry and new technologies, leading to significant investment in more accentuated training towards technical and vocational training.

He assured that the Ivorian economy today offers countless opportunities for investors, both national and international, enhanced by our strong integration in the various regional and continental trading areas, whether it be WAEMU, and in particular ECOWAS and of course ZLECAF.

patrick achi indicated that this meeting will at the right time go beyond the new look of the continent, to now take action on concrete investments, structured in strategic sectors, which naturally meet the needs of both parties.

“To this end, the moment seems to us to be the right time to call for the mobilization of significant resources to finance road, airport, rail and port infrastructures to facilitate access to increasingly important markets on the subcontinent.” he pleaded.

The European Union remains a privileged partner of the West African countries. The Economic Partnership Agreements between West Africa and the European Union, signed in 2014, have helped to strengthen this dynamic by promoting market expansion and improving the predictability and transparency of the regulatory framework for trade. They also make it possible to create conditions conducive to investment and the mobilization of private sector initiatives to improve national supply capacity, while supporting strong economic growth, creating sustainable jobs, reducing the poverty rate and concretely improving living standards. of the population.

According to the Prime Minister, this business forum with European companies and companies in the sub-region is therefore a unique opportunity to further strengthen trade relations between Europe, Côte d’Ivoire and the sub-region; and, on the other hand, allow public and private actors in West Africa and the EU to develop local value chains with great potential for economic transformation and human progress.

His wish is that there will be exchanges, innovative and effective proposals, taking into account today’s issues, both at regional and international level, but that these reflections will also put an honor in a new vision that is particularly important to HE Alassane Ouattara, President for the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire, but also for the whole subcontinent, which is a win-win relationship and a closer look at the development of national masters in the framework of fruitful cooperation, with Africa, which today holds 60% of arable land and huge mineral and energy resources, this huge asset offers partners for sustainable relations and mutual benefits, a guarantee for the sustainability of these medium and long term relationships.

“Fortunately, Europe is finally looking away from conventional places to see just a stone’s throw from its continent to realize that a few kilometers from the coast is its most strategic and important partner, the African continent. But that this appearance can be reflected in the exchanges you will have during this forum “, he concluded.

Before starting work, EurochamMarc Alberola, President Eurocham officially handed over to the Ivorian Prime Minister, the White Paper on its structure.

“It is a collection that highlights the business climate, the promotion of investment in Côte d’Ivoire. It has been highlighted with significant progress. Today, Côte d’Ivoire is attractive because it listened to the private sector and Eurocham contributed in all these years. In this work, all the recorded performances and the forthcoming ones, the work proposes solutions that make it possible to improve not only the business climate, but to favor investments significantly. “

patrick achi thanked Eurocham for this enormous work done, which deals with essential issues of business relations between the EU and Côte d’Ivoire, but outside. In particular, issues related to education, energy, infrastructure, good governance are at the heart of the government’s concerns today.


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