10 Underrated Sci-Fi Anime You Must Check Out

Anime fans know this well : it’s sometimes hard to know where to turn among the many existing anime. That’s why we offer you a summary of underrated sci-fi anime which is really worth a look so you, if you are interested in the genre, can find the nugget that suits you best. We start without further delay with the first anime we recommend you to see.

1) Last exile

If you like science fiction with a touch of steampunktry (really) Last exile. In the world of Priests, Claus Valca and Lavie Head are two young Vanship pilots (a small two-seater aircraft that requires a pilot and a navigator) who support themselves by delivering. Their latest work is to deliver a letter to warship commander David Madosseinwhich is in the middle of air combat.

The two young people quickly find themselves got started in spite of himself in a terrible conflict involving two major nations, Anatoray and Disith. However, the substance needed to operate aircraft is strictly controlled by an organization called “guild”. The Guild is also the mediator of this war, which will not leave the two main characters unharmed.

Platform where one can discover this anime : DNA.

2) proxy ergo

The story takes place in Romdo, a futuristic city located under a dome, built to protect the community of survivors from a virus that plagues the outside. In this city, humans and robots coexist peacefully. But a series of murders caused by robots infected with cogito viruses begins to sow disorder in the fragile balance that governs society. On top of that, the government is conducting secret experiments on a mysterious humanoid way of life. called Proxy, which seems to be the key to great power. The series opens with the leak of a proxy from government laboratories triggered by the awakening pulse.

3) the top of the stars

centuries ago, scientists made a revolutionary discovery that made the stars available to mankind. Various colonies have thus been scattered throughout the galaxy, and have now become so independent political entities to peaceful conditions. But now the galactic empire of the Abhs is emerging to impose its authority on the people, and their technology is far superior to that of the others, guaranteeing them military supremacy.

Jinto’s father therefore decided to sell his world to the Abhs in exchange for his son’s refinement so that he may follow the education befitting a person of his rank. Jinto is therefore entrusted to a young Abh called Lafiel, who is responsible for escorting him within the empire. During their odyssey to the capital Abh, both will learn to discover the other’s culture. An old anime that has many surprises waiting for you.

4) dimension m

I 2072, Nikola Tesla’s dream of an electric world has become a reality. Discontinue batteries and electrical cables that have become obsolete, humanity now uses electromagnetic coils with inexhaustible energy called coils. The problem of energy supply is thus no longer one, which leaves us to imagine a prosperous future.

But many criminals change their reels to turn them into formidable weapons. Kyoma Mabuchi, a young man who prefers old petrol cars (and polluting) cars, is well aware of the harmful effects of coils and traces these illegal coils on behalf of Mary in exchange for money and petrol. One day, during a mission, he meets Mira, a robot who looks like a mysterious young girl, which seems closely connected to the coils.

Platform where one can discover this anime : Wakanim.

5) Akumada drive

After a war that divided the world, the Kansai region became vassal from the Kanto region. There is only one way to connect the two regions, the Shinkansen, a train honored by the population of Kansai. As a result of the war, the power of government and police declined sharply, and criminals named Akudama appeared. The story follows an ordinary young girl and 6 Famous Akudama which gets the mission to steal goods transported by the Shinkansen.

Platform where one can discover this anime : Wakanim.

6) Serial Experiment Lain

Lain Iwakura is a shy pre-teen, lonely and ill at ease. After the death of one of her classmates, she discovered a passion for computers and for the cable, a kind of development of the Internet. An email sent by his deceased buddy only explains it his body stopped living and that she now lives in Wired herself. Lain will therefore immerse himself in this world of electronic connections, at risk of getting completely lost.

7) the journey of the cinema

IN Cinema’s journeythe protagonist Kino, accompanied by a Brough Superior talking motorcycle named Hermes, travels through a mysterious world in many different landscapes and forests, each one is unique in its customs and its inhabitants. Cinema stays only three days and two nights in each city, without exception. This is a contemplative anime that asks questions similar to those found in The little Prince of Saint-Exupéry. This is a very beautiful, striking adventure that takes us on very interesting thought paths.

Platform where one can discover this anime : Crunchyroll.

8) planets

I 2075a group of experienced astronauts working on recycling space debris in orbit around Earth (decommissioned satellites, remnants of stage rockets or more commonly small pieces due to collision between larger machines with each other), employed by Technora Corp. Besides being one of the most dangerous jobs at the resort, it is also the least rewarding: low wages, non-existent opportunities for promotion, low budget, bad and outdated ships and tools, section degraded by all station staff. Tanabe Ai, a naive girl full of good feelings, realizes her dream and becomes a space worker. She finds herself attached in the “Debris Section” as a diver.

9) id: invaded

The anime follows Narihisago’s investigations, a famous detective who is currently in prison and who is responsible for investigating the identities of various serial killers. Two years before the current events, Narihisago’s daughter Muku was brutally murdered by a serial killer, prompting Narihisago’s wife to commit suicide. These deaths caused him to hunt and murder the killerwhich gave him a prison sentence.

anime takes place in a world where investigators have the power to intervene in a killer’s subconscious and see fragmented parts of his psyche. Since a person’s unconscious thoughts are rarely organized, everything on this mental level must be analyzed. ID: Invaded also has some interesting parallels with Beginningwhich should appeal to you.

Platform where one can discover this anime : Wakanim.

10) kacho ohji

Kacho-ohji is an anime whose subject is a fallen rock metal band, The Black Heavens. Music plays a big role in this anime. Research for a race of aliens has led to for a really interesting discoverywhich is as follows: the music of a fallen rock band, Black Heavens would be the only compatible source of energy for the ultimate weapon that aliens intend to use in what appears to be a lost war. If synopsis seems boring at first glance, make no mistake: the themes reviewed are very interesting, and above all, all the questions are tackled with taste. A slightly absurd scenario for a really brilliant result.

And you, you do does one of the anime on this list tempt you? Have you ever seen one of these? We will let you answer this question via our comments section! And if all that is fine, but you would rather discover interesting anime only by browsing The Netflix Catalog, so don’t worry, we’ve prepared another list for you right here.

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