What are the pros and cons of refurbished phones?

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With the price increases of smartphones in recent years, their purchases are no longer within everyone’s reach. The market for refurbished phones has thus become an alternative for people looking for high-performance gadgets. These recycled smartphones are great deals but can also be a source of disappointment.

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What are the benefits of a refurbished phone?

The benefits of refurbished smartphones take over between attractive price, good condition and security.

A reduced price

The price is without a doubt the first advantage. It’s easier to afford a refurbished iPhone 12 at a price reduced by almost 70% of its original value. This is proof that refurbished smartphones are not systematically devoid of new technologies.

These are more or less newer phones whose first users got rid of them for various reasons. The reduced cost therefore has nothing to do with obsolescence or a defective condition. As a buyer, you can achieve significant savings by finding a smartphone that is always operational. This is also the main reason why the market for refurbished smartphones is interesting.

Slightly used phone

That refurbished smartphones were not used for long by their first owners. In the race for trends, some users are different from their old phones to rush to new ones. Small defects or minor breakdowns can disgust the first buyer, who then chooses recycling.

These are devices whose main components are still in good condition. To guide buyers, these types of products are classified into 3 main categories. that A-class indicates that there are insignificant scratches on the cabinet or screen. that B-class are reserved for devices with more visible scratches. Refurbished smartphones from C-class show shocks to the hull.

A refurbished phone

Refurbished phones are products of Recycling. As they are moderately worn at the time of recovery, they are subject to quality control before being put back on the market. Smartphones without technical faults are still cleaned and then packed before being made available to buyers.

In the case of micro-breakdown phones, they are repaired and unlocked by professionals. It can be a screen or a button that needs to be replaced to give new life to the phone. After repairtests are even performed to ensure that the product is working properly.


Purchasing refurbished smartphones is legally subject to guarantees in terms of new products. Pass-through times are reduced at 6 or 12 months, but it’s an added bonus. Buyers are assured that they can return the paid smartphone in case of crash.

The risk of refurbished phones

Refurbished smartphones are not risk free.

Poor battery condition

New smartphones are sold with batteries with 100% capacity. In this case, the user benefits from full autonomy as specified by the manufacturer.

But since refurbished phones are already in use, their batteries are losing power. Technicians are replacing certain components to offer smartphones as new, but the batteries are often neglected. You may be unlucky enough to end up with a device whose battery level has dropped by 50%.

Slow warranty implementation

It is not uncommon to discover hidden defects after purchasing a refurbished phone. Some errors only occur after a period of use.

Sellers offer warranties, but support can sometimes take time. This slowness is often observed when the used smartphone is charged on The Internet. Return policies are often unclear and the seller may give you additional hassle.

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