Toy car, CAB scarf, stethoscope … Five items to find out who Chloé Herzhaft (Nupes) really is

From her lush garden on Brive’s heights, Chloé Herzhaft is recovering from her emotions after qualifying for the second round of parliamentary elections under Nupe’s colors. The choice of the five objects that define her was not easy for this 46-year-old ecologist who does not really like to talk about himself. “I am modest,” she says, as she trusts that in her political entourage she is encouraged to confide more.

A little yellow car

Although she claims that her ecological conscience was born from childhood, the first object Chloé Herzhaft chose is a small car. “I have lots of them in the house. My daughters love to play with it, and I loved it too when I was little.” Chloé Herzhaft is the mother of two children aged 5 and 8, whom she likes to carry. a scooter for trips around the city. “I cycle, but we have an electric car and an old hydrocarbon, which we use very rarely,” she says.

So why this not very green choice? “I do not mind cars. I understand that they can make people dream. And especially that here an overwhelming majority of Corréziens need their car daily and not to walk around. The right to relocate is fundamental. In the Nupes program, there are several simultaneous initiatives that go in the direction of helping to move: blocking fuel prices, the development of public transport, in particular a struggle for iron and investment in line with the share of clean transport. »

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A CAB scarf

And not just any, in 2019, the year Brive was named best audience in France. We can not really imagine Chloé Herzhaft dressed in white and black screaming in the stands of the stadium. But “I’ve loved rugby since I was little,” she slips away. Although she was born in Paris, grew up in a village of 500 inhabitants in the heart of Brie, in the Seine-et-Marne, “my whole mother’s family lives between Malemort and Brive, and I love watching rugby matches as a family. Or among friends.

His grandmother ran a bar near Cabanis. “Everyone said ‘Chez Mado’, but it was called Picolo. People often take me for the ecologist who comes from Paris, but that’s not true.” The discourse on rugby’s values ​​is a bit vague: “respect, fair play …” But she adds: “rugby, it calms me down. Society can collapse, rugby’s values ​​have not changed a bit.” In addition to the oval ball, she also likes basketball, which she played a lot, especially “street basketball” when I was in the United States “.

A small globe

It obviously symbolizes the many journeys that have shaped his view of the world. Chloé Herzhaft knows the United States well, after crossing the United States with a group of people at the age of 13, and then hitchhiking. “My first trip was to Scotland with my mother. I was barely a year old. The last was Iceland two years ago. The Tibetan people impressed her a lot with their resilience and determination. “I needed to see the world to know where I lived.” Since I became aware of the ecological emergency about fifteen years ago, “I avoid flying as much as possible. When I take it, I feel guilty . »

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This little globe, which she holds in her hollow hand, “is above all to realize that we are all in the same boat, that Corrèze is not separated from everything else. Politicians must be aware that the weights must be linked. Reflections and the field of action must be expanded. “

A stethoscope

The legislature candidate for the second constituency is not a doctor, nor is her spouse. And yet she has a stethoscope. “In my family, we have seen the emergence of civilization diseases, especially heart problems due to the stress of society, pollution … Several relatives could not be taken care of.”

She then chose to learn how to detect the acute tachycardia that her loved ones suffer from in order to anticipate possible emergency treatment. “It is a reassuring object, but also worrying because we are abandoned in terms of health. We find ourselves in finding solutions. If you have a doctor in your family, you’re better off. That is not normal. »

The Declaration of Human and Civil Rights

The poster is old. The wooden frame too. “I have many. From this statement nothing was as before. For her, the resulting motto ‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity'” is the basis of politics. Individual freedom is what allows us to consider everything “, explains the person who likes to have” basic reflections on humanity “. Reflections that serve her in her job as an adult coach, first in entrepreneurship and then in sustainable development of territories.

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But what interests him is knowing how “a great text changes everything. We have to change the model of society because we see the collective dissolution, public services deteriorating, ways of development that have become predators for people and society. Chloé Herzhaft actually dreams of another basic text. “La Nupes proposes the Sixth Republic built thanks to an advisory assembly of citizens. We must put the citizen back in the heart of the system and give weight back to the parliament. Ecologist Chloé Herzhaft has finally learned the lesson dictated by La France Insoumise.

Emilie Auffret

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