seven years imprisonment required against an influencer

en “massive fraud” to “no matter what“: On Wednesday, June 15, the prosecution demanded seven years in prison and a fine of 100,000 euros against an influencer suspected of embezzling millions of euros in Covid assistance via social networks.

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Paul A. aka “PA7, Who posted pictures of him in front of a luxury car or swimming pool in Dubai in 2021, has since Monday been charged in Paris with six other people, particularly for organized fraud. He acknowledged having created a “business‘From spring 2020: fill out falsified aid applications on behalf of auto entrepreneurs or the self-employed, recruited through its small digital celebrity, while taking a commission of around 40% of the grants paid.

In this courtroom, everyone has in mind the President of the Republic’s formula: no matter what“Prosecutor Anne Proust said in her closing statement. “Millions of citizens have heard this formula, but some who lurk and are on the lookout have maintained that it allows them to get rich no matter what it costs others.“, She supported.

700 fraudulent requests

The Solidarity Fund, established in March 2020, aimed to keep companies afloat whose activity has been slowed down or even stopped by confinement. The system, which has evolved over the months, represented a total of 40 billion euros. In consideration of “velocity“, the system was based on a declarative form, with check first”automatic“then,”a posteriori“, checks”physical“, One of which in Yvelines led to the initiation of the investigation.

At his expense,PA7“, which still has 51,000 Snapchat subscribers, posted”enticing posts, portraits of himself that should inspire both the supporters’ trust and the latter’s desire to raise public funds in record time“, Described the prosecutor. While the young man disputes the deferred amounts, between March 2020 and July 2021, the representative of the public prosecutor withheld a total of almost 700 fraudulent requests, for 33.8 million euros demanded and 7.5 million actually paid.

“Trip of profits”

This last sum is250 teachers paid in one year, or just over 314 nurses, it represents the team PA7 has looted“, the judge insisted, adding that it was also”about a quarter of frauds detected to date“, Or 30 million according to the Court of Auditors. In December 2020, Paul A. traveled to Dubai, where he continued to “create files“and where has he”flamed“his money”commissions“Estimated at 3 million by the prosecution: yacht excursions, stays in luxury hotels, bags, jewelry, parties … before being arrested in July 2021, repatriated to France and placed in detention.

To the young immature, gambler, a little megalomaniac (…) is added another aspect of his personality, arrogance (and) winning lure“, the prosecutor assessed and judged that her statements at the hearing were not a”change promise“. Julien M., who accompanied Paul A. to Dubai, was, according to her,”Director General“of”the company PA7“, The one which in particular controlled certain circuits of”paid outaimed at money laundering. She asked for six years in prison and a fine of 80,000 euros for this. “first-time offender24 years old.

Against four other defendants, including a woman who is still wanted, suspected of having participated in the scam to varying degrees, she demanded sentences of two to four years in prison, depending on the case matched with fines of up to 80,000 euros. Finally, she demanded four months probation against a “customer“of”PA7“who had seen one of his”advertisingon Snapchat and had illegally received 20,000 euros this way. Proceedings are still ongoing regarding the few hundred other wrongful recipients. The defense is due to plead Thursday.

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