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When we talk about a neo-bank, we think of reduced fees and dematerialized cards. In fact, this definition is a classic bank, easily modernized. This reality is changing. A company is planning to launch a real neo-bank, a real UFO, something never seen before. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl Play to earn (P2E). It’s not just about making new out of old. It’s about bringing banking services into a new ecosystem, the meta-verse. Zelf, the metaverse bank, is taking over the world. Elliot Goykhman gives us solely his vision of things.

Zelf finally proposes to unite Web3

Since 2021, the world has experienced the advent of Web3. NFTs have revolutionized the art market Play to earn (P2E) enabled players to earn more than their parents, and cryptocurrencies served as the infrastructure for this whole budding and booming economy.

Only all these worlds, though closely connected, evolve independently. Cryptocurrencies are not necessarily suitable for these different uses. We could see it with the gas taxes from Ethereum (ETH), which slowed the explosion of the NFT market. NFTs themselves are not yet ready for widespread mainstream adoption. A platform like OpenSea is still too complex for a neophyte to use. ” OpenSea is a huge marketplace for buying and selling NFTs, but is it convenient to use? Is the purchase easy for beginners? When a user logs in with a wallet, he can not even receive notifications about the offers he has receivedsays Elliot Goykhman, CEO of Zelf.

even mobile app

P2E games are also full of promise. Only after many months did the hopefuls have the right to a cold shower. Many Play-to-Earn projects, launched as collections of NFTs, have no visibility. They do not allow satisfactory gameplay and will never really be able to compete with the gigantic studios that dominate the video game market. However, the idea of ​​actually being able to own your stock, to be able to sell it and move it from one game to another, is appealing. This could really revolutionize the users’ gaming experience and explode the video game market on a nuclear scale.

that Play to earn future video game standard?

And for this, Zelf has an ambition that goes far beyond the creation of a project Play to earn isolated. Instead of launching new video game studios, instead of waiting decades to achieve the same popularity as FortniteWhere call of duty , why not just accompany these games in the meta-verse? Why would you replace them when we can use their strengths and share ours with them? That’s Elliot Goykhman’s idea.

The biggest challenge will be to persuade the traditional gaming industry to open its games to Play-to-Earn. In a way, it’s going to be like what Steve Jobs had to do to convince music companies and audiobook publishers to sign up for iTunes.»

The latter, however, would have everything to gain. Offers a better gaming experience, at a time when the only innovation of call of dutywas the implementation of the condition royal battlea pale copy of its free competitor,Fortnite . At the moment, the only hope for players is very gloomy: the war in Ukraine may provide new ideas for Activision, the study of the saga. call of duty .

So there are things to win for everyone. Players would have access to a new experience, studios could offer new and innovative things, and Zelf could be the nerve of this new war, the support of this new economy. Because if the things we win in video games become goods that we can buy, trade and sell, then a market exists. And if there is a market, we can offer the traditional financial services available in the markets. Loans, borrowing, consumer credit …

Zelf, the first real neo-bank

This is where Zelf really becomes a neo-bank. Or rather a 3.0 bank. ” Imagine: getting a loan, guaranteed by your game exchange, at more favorable prices than traditional bankers. Or expand players’ ability to buy in-game by introducing the systemBuy-now-pay-laterin video games. And unlike a traditional bank, we can analyze your in-game performance through your Steam profile and establish a credit score based on your skills.»

And the icing on the cake, this neo-bank would not be a cryptic platform like OpenSea or Binance, which are as unmanageable as the Rosetta Stone for people born before 1990. Here, too, surprise and innovate Zelf by using applications that today is most widely used and used in the world: instant messaging.

nft buying process comparison

ZELF is already available for all major messengers: WhatsApp, Facebook, Discord, Telegram, Viber. At the Slush trade fair in Tokyo, we demonstrated that ZELF is working with LINE and WeChat, but these will be activated for our next launch in Southeast Asia.If it sounds incredible to be able to trade via messages, wait until you see what’s next. “The next steps will be Instagram, iMessage and TikTok when its API becomes available.“It is therefore not a simple integration on WhatsApp, which is already an achievement in itself. “The ultimate goal is a completely agnostic banking experience, a truly integrated banking, from the most primitive SMS interfaces tobotsfrom messages to fully AI-powered voice interaction.“.

A future that is hard to imagine, but which is already underway thanks to Zelf. And why not ultimately apply this power to real-world goods, money transfers and billing? Digital payment would be as quick and easy as handing over a € 10 note. In the words of Elliot Goykhman:We must be present wherever there are economic exchanges“.

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