L’Expression: National – The scent of business in North Africa

Algeria’s diplomatic return is confirmed by the volume of trade between European countries, including those in northern Europe.

Much noise and uproar over the “Spanish” question and Algeria’s suspension of the treaty of friendship with the Iberian Kingdom. To follow the litany that merges here and there about this event, it seems that all Algerian diplomacy is focused on the fate of Spain and its actions. In fact, Algeria has a thousand other things to do. She has incredible strengths. A central state in the world in general and in its region in particular, it is gaining more and more weight. It is the reality on the ground that confirms this proven redistribution of Algeria at the diplomatic level. The 7th session of the Algerian-US International Government Council for Trade and Investment (TIFA), which took place in Algiers, is a strong sign of the well-thought-out and defined diplomatic relations between Algeria and the United States. This is a diplomacy whose interests are determined by reciprocity and economic and commercial relations. In this sense, observers analyze this session, which brings together Algeria and the United States as “a meeting that allows for the examination of several points, including access to the two countries ‘markets and the strengthening of bilateral relations and contacts between the actors’ economic relations. push for trade and economic relations between the two countries and promote cooperation in various areas where the United States is a leader, such as start-ups, advanced technologies, higher education and scientific research, “they say. blackmail or an instrument to play spoilsport against any process that allows and aims for stability and international peace.It is this credo that has given Algeria a prominent place in the international community.The diversification of economic and commercial partnerships is a sign Algerian diplomacy is not rigid; on the contrary, it places itself in a position where agmatism and political realism are the preferred tools capable of consolidating its place in international diplomacy. In this context, senior Algerian officials have paved the way for a new approach aimed at promoting foreign investment, assuring that “the country’s high authorities are working to promote foreign investment in Algeria through a series of reforms aimed at improving the business environment. The Algerian market is more attractive for investment in new sectors Algeria’s diplomatic return is confirmed by the volume of trade between European countries, including Northern Europe (Scandinavian countries). This means that Algerian diplomacy is on all fronts to weigh its weight in the perspective of securing its diplomatic mission as a force for peace and stability in the world. Its predominant place in Africa as a regional power gives it the status of an optional middle state to disperse the strife and conflicts that come r expressed in Africa and other regions of the world. Another major country showing its satisfaction with its bilateral relations with Algeria, namely Canada. The 3rd session of Algerian-Canadian political consultations in Algeria, chaired by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Community Abroad, Rachid Chakib Gaïd, on the Algerian side, and the Deputy Foreign Minister, Cynthia Termorshuizen, the Canadian side, proves, if anyone, that Algeria is in the process of weaving diversified and effective diplomatic relations between the major countries and at international level, without this hindering its diplomatic policy based on reciprocity and unequivocal respect for its political sovereignty and its diplomatic doctrine. The litanies we hear here and there are nothing but noise and chatter with no expected echo.

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