“I really share the whole of Monaco”: Julia’s confidence, a car and F1 influencer that is a hit

The lights are green for Julia. After the launch on social networks a year and a half ago, the success is there. More than a million people follow his daily life in Monaco and his admiration for luxury cars.

How did you get started with TikTok, a social network where you are followed by 1.2 million people?
Before, you should know that I was the most deleted girl on the networks. I had an Instagram account where there was not even a profile picture! When I got bored, I told myself I had to start on TikTok. To my surprise, it worked well, very quickly. I do not want to criticize, but it is true that today there are many girls who dress naked on social networks. Because of that, women lose credibility. The fact that I’m a simple girl, 20 inches tall, and really only interested in cars, I think that’s what sets me apart. I have always thought of myself as an influencer who is not an influencer. Sometimes I forget that I’m on social media. It always amazes me when people come to ask me for pictures on the street!

Monaco is the ideal place to produce your content?
Until now, I took the plane every weekend to get to Monaco because I live on the border with Geneva. For my content, it’s much better. To me, it’s a bit of a princess town. The weather is always good, it’s always clean, I feel good there. Since I have always liked cars, I first came to Place du Casino like everyone else. Upon coming to Monaco, I really fell in love with it. In addition, one who passes by a supercar is not bad looking, it is almost normal! Participating in Monaco’s life was a dream for me. It is for this reason that from July I leave my family to settle there permanently.

Your best memory in Monaco?
The Grand Prix was something! It was my first, it was a dream. From where I was, I could see the whole Fairmont ride, it was incredible. Of course, I support the Red Bull team and Max Verstappen. After Charles Leclerc, he’s out of here, so I’m behind him, too. But I’m still with Red Bull, be careful!

What are the best cars you have ever driven?
The first supercar I could drive was the super fast Ferrari 812. When I drove it it did something to me. After Huracan, the red, everyone sees me with it. GMK’s Bugatti Chiron was also pretty cool, even though I was on the passenger side. The car I would dream of driving is the Ferrari F12 tdf. One day…

How has your success on the networks changed your life?
It changed my whole everyday life. Even though I continue my studies next door, I am always busy. Even on the street, when people come to talk to me, it makes me feel weird. I happened to be at a restaurant with my mom and there were people taking pictures of me. When I’m at the Place du Casino with Huracan, there are often young people chasing me and shouting “Julia, Julia!”. I do not really know how to react, because I’m not used to it. Even though I am not a personality known internationally, it still changes many things. I feel observed. There are times when I wish it was more natural.

Study alongside, is not it too difficult to manage?
I had an oral again yesterday! I always said to myself that I should make a bac + 3 minimum. I’m into digital marketing, so it’s related to influence. In the beginning, it was very complicated to make room for everything. To my family, my friends, to sports, to videos. I was overwhelmed. I got up at 6 to go to class, but I had to get up two hours earlier to prepare my videos, because in the evening I came home late … I think people do not realize how hard I worked like a fool. At one point, it was really too much for me. Even my mom told me I had to stop networking a bit, but I would not. So I had to make concessions, like watching my friends less and making a little less video. In any case, it was not useful to make many videos, in the end it is the quality that counts.

How did you convince your parents?
It was very difficult. My parents are not the same generation at all, for them social networks are complicated. In the beginning, I told them that I was feeling pretty good and that the subscribers were more and more. I went to tell my mother “I have my first partnership, I have been paid”. Suddenly she realized a little better. My content reassured her, too. She saw that it was not a dangerous content, even though she with the cars is a little scared! She could see that I was not naked either, that’s important. Then she told me that she agreed that I would only dedicate myself to networking on the condition that I finish my license and that I keep in touch at work if it no longer worked.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself in Monaco of course! With Max Verstappen next to his Formula 1 and tell him so “Hey how are you man?” as if we had known each other for a long time! I’m waiting for my picture with him! I also hope to get more and more subscribers. It’s a new life that begins now that I’m settling down here. I also want to start on YouTube.

Do you feel like you have an ambassadorial role in Monaco?
In a video, I said I was going to the Top Marques, and many people told me in the comments: “Julia, you have to show us the top brands with your videos”. Same when the Grand Prix took place, my community wanted me to show them everything. I really share the whole of Monaco, and for people who do not have the opportunity to come here, it’s cool.

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