Family Cars: Top 5 2022

As soon as the family grows, consider buying a suitable car. Remember that for your excursions, it is more convenient and cheaper to travel with your own vehicle. However, choosing a car is never easy, especially when it comes to a large family. Through this article, you can discover a selection of 5 family car models for 2022.

1. Skoda Superb:

To drive a family car, you must have a driver’s license. You can get it after one accelerated licensing practice or conventional learning. The superb Skoda adapts ideally to your family’s needs thanks to its design. In fact, it has the advantage of offering a large space in the cabin, just like luxury cars. This means that it provides ample space to take more people on board.

The large space in this car provides great freedom of movement. The only drawback is that the trunk is reduced due to the location of the battery. There are still 485 liters left, which is enough for the family’s needs. Skoda has recently designed the hybrid version with 215 hp and which provides 55 km of zero-emission electric operation.

2. Peugeot 508:

Large families also have the right to style. The Peugeot 508 car meets this criterion as it combines an attractive design and a refined look. It also has an impeccable handling that allows you to travel comfortably on the road. This model is not the most spacious compared to vehicles in its class, but it is perfectly suited for a family.

With its length of 4.75 m and its width of 2.79 m, the Peugeot 508 has a spaciousness that suits the needs of a large family. Thanks to its perfected structure, the front and rear offer enough space to be comfortable. In the back, the knees can move freely. Remember that in order to drive any car, you must first have a driver’s license. You can get it in fast permission mode.

3. Toyota Corolla:

The famous Corolla is a new family car that was recently launched in the market. It is a hybrid, which means it can run on two types of engines:

  • electric motor using electricity;
  • heat engine which uses a fuel (petrol).

The new overall architecture of the Toyota Corolla makes driving the car easy. As a result, after completing hours of driving at a driving school, you can easily tame this type of car. It must also be remembered that this model has a reputation for reliability, smooth driving and good fuel consumption.

In addition, the interior of the Corolla is very comfortable: shiny parts as soft-touch equipment. The seats are designed so that the passengers have a comfortable and natural position. In terms of luggage, the 361-liter luggage compartment can well satisfy the family.

4. Renault Grand Scenic:

It is a 7-seater car, ideal for large families. This model is extremely modern, elegant, in addition to being aerodynamic. The Renault Grand Scenic also benefits from unsurpassed comfort for a peaceful journey. It is a connected minivan, equipped with a touch screen tablet. This will help you:

  • Guide yourself to the desired destinations;
  • Send emails;
  • To make and receive phone calls.

In addition, transporting bulky items is made easier with the Grand Scenic by folding the seats together. A simple tap allows you to perform this action, in order to achieve a kind of flat floor.

5. Hyundai Ioniq:

This is one of the best family cars of 2022. This fully electrified model has an interesting performance. In the market, it is difficult to find car models that have plug-in, electric or hybrid powertrains. Hyundai Ioniq offers this type of system, and each model has many options, all at a reasonable price.

It also provides a lot of space, very useful for a large family. As a result, you can easily install all the necessary equipment for the trip, e.g. baby seats. On the other hand, the Hyundai Ioniq is equipped with an excellent sound system along with amazingly efficient connectivity options and infotainment system.

We have reviewed the most important criteria that determine a family car tailored to your needs. Choose the right model now to take advantage of all its benefits.



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