Electric cars: Vinci Autoroutes wants to relieve motorists with its all-in-one app

The proliferation of electric charging stations at motorway rest areas has led Vinci to now offer electric car users an all-in-one application for payment of electronic tolls, parking and their various tolls.

After taking over part of the Corri-Door network in 2021, Vinci Autoroutes is taking a further step towards electric cars. The concessionaire is improving its Ulys system, a solution that was originally intended to simplify the payment of all its expenses: tolls, charging and parking across its entire network. Like many existing services (Chargemap, Shell Recharge, Izivia, etc.), the application now allows you to geolocate available charging stations, but only in France and on the Vinci network, to prepare your route as well as possible. sure you do not collapse. However, it does not allow you to create your itinerary with the necessary stops to recharge your car according to the latter’s autonomy.

For each of them, the application indicates its power, price, availability in real time. It will also make it possible to pay for recharging at all electrical terminals in France, regardless of operator, thanks to the Ulys pass, which is not yet available. Finally, it integrates electronic toll payment and parking in more than 500 parking spaces, all from a single account. Everything works without a subscription, and only the terminal operator’s fee and a fee of 0.70 euros per. recharging will be billed at the end of the month.

Ulys by VINCI Motorways

Ulys by VINCI Autoroutes is an application that needs to be informed about the state of highway traffic in real time.

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An exclusive coaching service

Ulys Electric also allows you to take advantage of an exclusive remote “coaching” service, designed to support electric drivers in any situation. It is available through all Uly’s communication channels (phone on 3605, online chat, WhatsApp, etc.).

Note that a special unit will be deployed on Fridays and Saturdays from 15 July to 15 August in certain very busy areas (such as Saint-Rambert-d’Albon, Montélimar, Morières or Vidauban Sud), with the creation of Dedicated areas where specialists can inform electric car owners or those who want to become so about the best way to maintain their car.

The Vinci Autoroutes network alone now has 433 charging points in operation, including 292 ultra-fast, in 110 equipped areas. This represents approximately 60% of the entire range. All must be equipped with at least one charging point by 2023.

Recently, the Société des Autoroutes du Nord et de l’Est de la France (Sanef) also announced the upcoming installation of ultra-fast charging stations in all areas of its network. It will be possible to make long-distance trips with his electric car, with the certainty of having access to a charging station. It will of course be necessary that the terminal is in working order and that the dedicated space is not occupied by a thermobile. But that’s another story…

At the end of May, the 60 million consumer organization pointed the finger at Ulys de Vinci’s electronic toll badge by revealing that subscribers who no longer used their badge after 14 months were deducted € 10. Costs well hidden at the time of subscription and which we hope will not give bad ideas for the use of this new app.

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