7 simple tips and tricks to get ahead at Gran Turismo 7!

There is no bigger racing game right now than Gran Turismo® 7, and we mean it literally and figuratively.

Not only is it popular – it tops the latest sales charts and dominates social media – but its scope is gigantic.

This is not a racing game to be judged solely on the number of courses, but rather a single-player experience at an intricate pace that will guide you through a cacophony of car culture and racing strategy.

Gran Turismo® 7 is more complex than it immediately seems. a lot more. With that in mind, here are our tips and tricks to help you maximize your time with Polyphony Digital’s latest addition.

Brand Central

Think of Brand Central as a new car supermarket. Here come all vehicles with showmanship and extended warranty – probably.

For the ignorant, all the cars here are from 2001 or later, so the classic race cars are missing. However, it is the place where you can buy the latest supercars, Vision Gran Turismo concepts and modern racing vehicles.

Invitation cars

Some luxury cars, such as the Aston Martin Vulcan or Porsche Carrera GT, cannot be purchased at Brand Central without an invitation, even if you have the money.

It mimics the real world, where even if you are rich, you should choose to buy some of the most exclusive cars.

At the start of the game you will receive an invitation to buy a random exclusive car simply by going through the Café, but the other invitations must be won in roulette through a four star ticket or higher. We’ll talk about that later.

Beware, invitations expire after a certain date, so you lose your chance to buy if you do not act fast.

Legend cars pavilion

Here you will find only five rare and exclusive cars, all at high prices. You will not find them in the Fire Center with the plebeian cars, oh no.

Once again, the stock changes daily, so if you are on the hunt for the intangible McLaren F1 GTR, you should keep checking and save some money in the meantime.

This dealer has a sponsor, Hagerty – a collector car insurance provider and car media company. A limited stock warning means something is going on and a blue or red arrow next to the car’s price indicates a change in value based on Hagerty’s actual price estimates.

Until now, it should be noted that cars worth 20,000,000 credits in GT Sport are now much more affordable. For example, at the time of creation of this article, a ’67 Ford Mark IV Race Car is a 4,000,000 credit coupe with only 5,455 miles on the odometer of Gran Turismo 7.

Run the daily miles

Just run in any game mode over 26,219 miles, the length of a marathon, every day to complete a daily workout. For this you receive a roulette ticket.

Activate the ticket and you will receive a prize. It can be currency in the game, a tuning part or even an entire car.

These tickets have a star rating where six is ​​the maximum. A six-star ticket gave us 500,000 credits, while a two-star ticket e.g. only brought us 5,000. Chance determines the level of the ticket you receive for daily training, but it is still worth starting the game and running at least once a week. Something to receive one.

You do not need to use them right away, but we recommend it. Unlock them in your garage space.

You get a taste of these roulette tickets by also filling out the Café menu books, as some are prizes, and here they go up in stars depending on the difficulty of each challenge.

Multiplayer mode must be unlocked.

If you’ve just started playing Gran Turismo® 7 and are looking for split-screen races or online competitions, you will not find them.

This is because multiplayer needs to be unlocked.

It will appear after completing Cafe No. 9 Menu Book – Tokyo Highway Parade Championship in the top three overall.

Next, the “Multiplayer” pavilion on the world map will appear, which includes two-player split screens and online lobbies. A separate pavilion for Sport mode, the online competition section, will also be unlocked at this time.

Do not fall asleep to the Circuit Experience challenges

You will find one of these in the Café menu books – especially # 24 – but remember to use them independently.

If you have problems with a particular circuit or need more money, visit the World Circuits area. Select any circuit and there will be a ‘Circuit Experience’ option.

Here you will drive a borrowed car on parts of a circuit counterclockwise. Beat meals to make money, and also learn the site. Once the sectors are completed, you are ready to perform a “One-Turn Attack”, which allows you to earn additional credits.

Some are simply a fun way to discover new vehicles, like the Radical SR3 SL at Brand Hatch or the Audi R18 TDI ’11 Gr.1 in Sardinia. It’s also hard to earn gold, so if you thought licenses were easy, give these a try.

Run clean, be rewarded

For every race you make, whether you are in single player or online multiplayer, if you stay on the track and do not bump into your opponents, you will receive a pure race bonus that will add 50% to your winnings.

This encourages you not to bump into walls, cut corners and use your opponents as berms because it hurts your purse and can mean you can not afford great rims.

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