12 “business” solutions seen at CES

Created January 9, 2020, at 12:20

A company free of passwords with Cryptr

A lost password of an employee can result in more than 50 euros in administration costs. On the commercial side, the customer’s loss of the password complicates the approval procedure and can compromise a sale. ” To free organizations from this limitation, we have designed a password-free identification system, simplified to the extreme but extremely secure. “, Explains Hamid Echarkaoui, President and Founder of Cryptr, a small start-up incubated at Euratechnologie, which is part of the Hauts-de-France delegation.

2. The Retail of the Future with Retail VR

Allow customers to visit your store anytime, anywhere: at home, via their smartphone or in a waiting room using a virtual reality headset? It offers the Nantes start-up Retail VR, founded in 2018 by Adrien Zanelli, Erwan Krotoff and Stéphane Dupasquier. ” We create a virtual store where the consumer can develop as in a physical store: by handling the products, by accessing information about the company’s DNA and by making purchases “, They explain.

Data available for extended management with Olystic

Absence, termination, withdrawal, lack of gender equality can be expected … if the data available to the company is deciphered. Olystic centralizes all this material: employee surveys, statistical analysis of HR data, perspectives on labor market dynamics, etc. ” Our global solution thus makes it possible to reduce digital pollution and effectively manage the strategy in favor of the quality of life in the workplace. “, Emphasizes Xavier Zunigo, the founding president.

4. The mobile security plan with WaryMe

Armed intrusion, work accidents, natural disasters … To deal with these situations, organizations are equipped with a security plan, usually a block of one hundred pages, which is difficult to use. ” We bring digital and mobile support to the security plan », Sums up Boris Berger, president and founder of WaryMe, a start-up from Rennes, which has developed a smartphone solution for reporting alarms, distributing instructions, triggering containment or evacuation plans … WhatsApp for crisis management!

5. A chatbot for companies of all sizes with Kwalys

Currently, only large organizations can have a virtual assistant, either to streamline relationships with their customers or to facilitate communication with their employees. ” We are convinced that the conversation bot is a bar of performance and that companies of all sizes, including VSEs, should have access to it. , ”Explains Katya Lainé, co-founder of Kwalys, along with Pascal Lainé, Director of Technology. At CES, they present a solution that allows companies to create their own bot.

6. Creation of application by hand of trades with Mobioos

On the one hand, personalized, complex and overpriced professional applications. On the other hand, standard solutions that can meet the needs of the most pragmatic, but provide security issues. ” The business units lacked the ability to self-develop software that lived up to their expectations, without coding, in line with their IT. That’s what we’re offering “, Says Zaak Chalal, president and founder of Mobioos, which for its second participation in CES presents Kirkk, a solution dedicated to car rental.

7. No more restrictions for 3D printing with Volumic 3D

Kevlar, brass, biodegradable plastic … The 3D printer, 100% “made in France”, by Volumic 3D works with 50 materials. Other specificities: its precision (less than 6 microns), its speed (faster than standard models) and its ability to produce small series (from 500 to 1000 parts). ” We assembled what required a wide range of technologies in a single machine summarizes Stéphane Malaussena, co-founder of the Nice start-up, which won two awards at this CES, in the categories “3D printing” and “ecodesign”.

8. A tactile and interactive slide show with Touchify

In the age of the touch screen, PowerPoint-type presentation software is entering a new era. Example of this software developed by Touchify, which blows a wind of interactivity on the traditional presentations. ” The latest version of our solution, available from March next year, will include Big Data to analyze what worked or not, in a ‘story telling’ campaign“Explains Maxime Luce, co-founder, along with his brother Anthony, about this Aix-based start-up attending CES for the second time.

9. Predictive monitoring of IT infrastructure with Packet AI

Browse delay, network congestion … Computer errors can cost more than 10 million euros a year for a company with 5,000 employees. Incubated at Institut Mines-Télécom and funded by BNP Paribas and Aster Capital, the Paris start-up Packet AI makes it possible to predict IT events. ” Based on machine learning algorithms, our software helps resolve errors faster “, notes Hardik Thakkar, President and Co-Founder, and reckons that CES will provide its solution with global visibility.

10. Digitally in the service of health prevention with Ignilife

On the employee side, the platform developed by Ignilife includes a coaching application and a system for contact with professionals (psychologist, nurse, physical trainer, etc.). On the HR side, the solution provides a map of the teams’ state of health. ” In an age of musculoskeletal disorders and psychosocial risks, HRDs need a real-time picture of the risks », Emphasizes Fabrice Pakin, CEO of Ignilife, a start-up from Sophia Antipolis selected to be part of the Southern Region delegation.

11. Next generation of prototypes with Axis

Axis was founded in 1997 in the Limoges region and relies on a wide range of 3D printing technologies (stereolithography, powder sintering, HP multi-jet fusion, vacuum casting, etc.) to make prototyping faster and more aesthetically pleasing. ” At a time when companies need to innovate ever faster, but without neglecting the product’s appearance, we guarantee an impeccable prototype », Assures the president and founder of Axis, Patrick Christoux, who is exhibiting at CES for the first time, within the regional delegation in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

12. Over 70 languages ​​instantly translated with Pocketalk

Japan’s Sourcenext, which specializes in software, has diversified by launching the Pocketalk Translator, whose new version – which allows you to photograph texts for translation – will be presented at CES. ” We have sold 600,000 units, mainly to professionals: about one hundred Japanese hospitals and Shinkansen, the Japanese equivalent of TGV, have equipped their staff with them to facilitate communication with patients and foreign tourists. says Tom Kojima, President of Sourcenext BV, the European subsidiary.

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