10 iOS 16 features not mentioned

During its annual developer conference, which took place on June 6, 2022, Apple focused heavily on iOS 16. Among its flagship features is a redesigned and customizable lock screen with less intrusive notifications, focus on fixes, and more.

Yet a large number of small changes are not mentioned. For this reason, we decided to gather the best features that we think are worth looking into.

Fitness app available for everyone

With iOS 16, iPhone users who do not have an Apple Watch will be able to make full use of the Fitness app and access the same calorie, standing and workout tracking system.

Instead of getting this data from a watch, the app will use the smartphone’s built-in sensors.

Sure, they will not be as accurate and you will not benefit from advanced measurements like heart rate and oxygen tracking in the blood, but it is a smart app that helps you keep track of your goals.

More privacy

While the iPhone and iPad have the ability to notify you when apps access your microphone, camera, or even your location, this feature is only useful if you see the icon.

With iOS 16, a new feature will give you access to a list of all apps that have recently gained access to your camera, microphone, and location data. A little more, it will be directly accessible in the control center via an icon.

Hidden albums and deleted photos are locked

Whether you want to protect sensitive document photos or have a bunch of selfies that you’d rather keep secret, iOS 16 will let you hide and block those photos so no one else can access them.

With this feature you protect specific albums with password directly in the Photos app.

Haptic keyboard support

iOS 16 will add subtle haptic feedback as you type on the keyboard, providing a smoother touch experience. Of course, if you do not like it, you can disable it.

This feature has been available on Android for years, so it was time for Apple to bring it to its users.

Improved software update system

To our delight, to update the iPhone, it is no longer requested to connect it to iTunes for a few years now. On the other hand, it is always important to start downloading and installing.

This process has been simplified on iOS 16 with the integration of a new section Install system and data files. By enabling this feature, your iPhone will automatically install software and security patches without asking you, or even without restarting the phone.

While this feature is more for minor bug fixes and improvements than major iOS updates, it will save you having to worry about it.

Fast Memoji

For those who love Memoji, iOS 16 will include fixes with more stickers, new hairstyles, different headgear, new noses and more neutral lip colors.

Improved bokeh effect on iPhone 13

iPhone portrait mode is great for taking beautiful selfies with a blur effect. Traditionally, this effect only works with the subject’s backgrounds, leaving objects in sharp focus and looking unnatural.

The situation should improve with iOS 16.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con support

DualSense and Xbox wireless controllers have been fully compatible with iPhones and iPads since the release of iOS 14.5, but what about the Nintendo Switch and its popular Joy-Cons?

Apple has confirmed that they will be compatible with all supported titles on iPhone and iPad in iOS 16.

Renewed voicemail in iMessage

As part of Apple’s renewed interest in dictation in iOS 16, the voicemail button has therefore been replaced by a dictation button.

Voicemail functionality will therefore be integrated into a separate app in the app tray, with a larger interface and the ability to browse previously sent voicemails.

Redesigned video player

Apple’s standard video player interface has undergone a few iterations over the last few years, but it seems the company is still not happy with it.

For this reason, iOS 16 brings yet another overhaul, compared to previous versions, the new interface is much easier to use, with more accessible key controls like volume, AirPlay and the ability to jump 10 seconds forward.

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